5 07, 2019

Girl Power

Girl Power is officially guided and funded by World Democracy Network and is a six month long fellowship program where 15 young girls of diverse educational and professional back ground but with similar agendas come together to create a whirlpool of positive changes in their community through team work, mentor-ship and leadership enhancement. Through this project young girls are oriented and make them known to myriad topics of power and politics, good governance and youth entrepreneurship. Based on their learning these young change-makers will carry out a project of their own to start a ripple effect of positive change in their lives, on their friend's and families lives and ultimately their whole community. "Leading is not going out front and hoarding opportunities for yourself, it is about team effort". "We will grow together, inspire each other, refine one another and lead for good, starting from right here and right now". Women's Day 2019 #Balanceforbetter Give skill in the hands of women and they will win the whole

21 09, 2018

Let’s Light Hope for Peace

On the ocassion of International Peace Day, September 21, 2018 'We' for Change in support of Peace First, Boston organized a flying lantern festival named 'Lets Light Hope for Peace' adressing this year's theme 'The Right to Peace'.  During this event 200+ youths participated at UN Park Nepal to spread a positive and hopeful message of peace for a better and stable Nepal. "Peace is not that far, just stretch out your hands and find someone else's there; work hand in hand and there you will find the long sought out Peace"

1 08, 2018

Girls Like You

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16 02, 2018


Who are we? youthinkgreen Nepal is a youth led, non-profit organization having its central office in Berlin, Germany. One chapter is in Nepal namely in the ‘We’ for Change office Buddhanagar, Kathmandu. Getting started… Two members – Monika and Nishchhal – of ‘We’ for Change participated in the ‘1st World Youth Sustainability Summit‘ in Berlin, Germany from May 10th-20th 2013 through the Open Competition. During this Summit Monika and Nishchhal learnt and experienced many things about the issues of environment, social justice and climate change and they adopted the idea of ‘thinking globally – acting locally’. “The summit gave me recognition in the young people in Nepal. My engagement as a winner of the open competition of youthinkgreen was recognised by other young people back in Nepal. I became a climate ambassador for my country where I can implement the knowledge I was taught back in Germany. This summit helped me being dynamic in many aspects. The 1st World Youth Sustainability summit helped me to interact with youth and other experts from all around

15 02, 2018

Hariyo Pusta

Project Code: WFC/TDH-1(Mar14-Feb15) The major goal of the project is to create awareness among students (10-19 age) of schools of Kathmandu valley regarding effect of 'Poly Bag' through peer ecological classes and awareness program. Polythene bags have been proven as a convenient medium for the school students to carry out their belongings in the school. Therefore, ‘We’ for Change comes up with the idea of Re-use able fabric/ cloth bags to those students for this purpose. Organization also believes to reduce the consumption of ‘Poly Bag’ by the students in the base various software and hardware programs. Here, the project also focuses to create a medium for students, where they can learn about the hazards in the environment through polythene bags and the need for a clean environment. Schools is the partner and second beneficiaries whereas; students is a partner while working as well as initial beneficiaries of this project. The major result 'We' for Change tries to make adolescent student understand effect of Poly Bag on environment and health of every individual and improve the use of alternative reusable

14 01, 2018

Peace First Jamboree

'We' for Change in its very own uniqueness tried to teach the young students of Terai region mainly in Province 2 constituting district Saptrai about civic engagement, good governance and the on going peace process of Nepal . Peace First Jamboree was a 2 day program where 100 young students were targeted to promote youths in civic engagement and peace building. The program was funded by Peace First, USA. The main objective of this project was to help school going children learn about the democratic process of the nation through fun filled atmosphere as growing is always best when they are exposed to best learning methods. During our visit a participant, Nima Gurung, 17 years old said, "I learnt from Peace First that war among nations was contagious, and so was peace. So, whatever the circumstances may be we should all strive for peace in coming days, especially after the end of our 10 year long armed conflict in Nepal". The Right Time is Now 100 students reached  Lets Grow and

13 02, 2017

I am Positive

From the makers of 'The Condom' song, 'We' is back yet again with all new HIV and AIDS awareness movie titled 'I am Positive'. The story line involves 'sani' an HIV infected with the struggles of her life and her son Nabin comes strong years later with unshakable determination and courage breaking the chains of taboo.The project is a joint initiation of 'We' for CHANGE, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF Nepal) and National Centre for AIDS and STD control Nepal (NCASC).

10 02, 2017

Youth Peace Camp

​'We' are looking for financial support to organize Youth Peace Camp - September 2018.  Youth Peace Camp (YPC) is initiated by ‘We’ for Change, under its thematic issue – Youth civic engagement for peacebuilding, in joint collaboration with Department of Conflict, Peace and Development Studies, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. This program brings together youth activist across the nation especially from the violence prone areas of Nepal and educate them about peace building, conflict resolution, good governance and civic engagement aspects including supporting them in initiating dialogue and cooperation among conflicting groups. During YPC, youth activist will follow experiential learning process and acquired competences in the fields of intercultural learning, dialogue, conflict transformation, human rights, good governance, rule of law within conflict, peace and development studies framework developed by Department of Conflict, Peace and Development Studies. After the completion of 5 days long intensive Youth Peace Camp, each participating youth activist will organize at least one peace activities or conflict transformation activities or violence prevention activities based on human rights knowledge provided to them through the financial support from nominating youth organizations/club. Youth Peace

23 03, 2016

Youth Convention on Ecological Rights

1st YCER Nepal is facing environmental problems due to pollution and; natural and human induced destructive actions resulting in the decline in the quality of the environment. Youths on this matter are less active regarding how they can contribute towards cleaner and greener environment. Amongst several rights provisioned by Interim Constitution of Nepal, right to life in clean environment is one of the rights mentioned in preamble. Like Personal integrity and similar others, Ecological rights needs to be devised which can be benefitted by the formation of the ecological charter. In order to create a platform where youths can actively take part and draft the ecological charter, “1st Youth Convention on Ecological Rights‟ was organized by “We‟ for CHANGE and HuRundec with support from Terre Des Hommes (tdh). This was a three days residential convention at Dhulikhel from May 13th –May 16th 2015 and it was successful to involve 50 youths from different districts. The participating organizations in the convention are: Navjyoti, CDS, SoSeC, GSN, HuRundec, SRHC, ARD, Relief Nepal, GMSP, RSDC, ICDC, Aawaj, CWISH, CARDSN and ‘We’

1 12, 2015

School on Wheels

Our Reach till Date 12,000+ Children reached 26 districts 32 schools RIDE ALONG WITH US! The powerful earthquake of 7.8 Richter scale magnitudes left a visible trail in Nepal wrecking around one lakh houses. Of which 1383 schools are completely destroyed, that too out of 26 districts. (UN Report 2015). Similarly, the statistics provided by the Education Division of the Ministry of Education, shows 969 schools were found partly damaged. Most of the schools are still not in the state of running a smooth administration. The massive quake led to the students traumatized and unable to attend the school with a sound mindset. With the fear of return of the quake, the insecurity among the students has ever so increased. Unable to cope up with the stress, they are deprived from attaining their education. With the risk of demolition of the remaining schools, the attendance of the students has reduced to quite a number.The monotonous schedule of the school along with the same books can fail