Bagmati cleaning campaign
​Year: 2015

Bishnumati Cleanliness Campaign was conducted on June 2015 in order to mark World Environment Day as well as to aware the people on need of clean water and sanitation. There was involvement of around 10 organizations in the site.

The program was able to capture the involvement of young students as well. Bishnumati is a river near Balaju. The site where the cleanliness campaign took place was a dumping site. The campaign was able to spread the information regarding the harm of discarding waste materials near the river site.

‘We’ are FootWatchers!
Year: 2013

‘We’ are FootWatchers! was a youth-driven campaign where the team of ‘We’ for Change visited Shivapuri. The major purpose of this campaign was to hike and cycle through Shivapuri as a message to aware regarding carbon footprint. The one-day campaign saw direct engagement of 8 youths, whereas the promotion through social media targeted 1500 indirect beneficiaries.

Cleaning campaign- I
​Year: 2012

Cleaning campaign was the first campaign started at ‘We’ for Change. The campaign, held at Buddhanagar, Shankhamul, was able to mobilize 15 youths. The main motive of the campaign was to spread public awareness on the need of healthy environment.

Following the success of the first cleaning campaign, ‘We’ conducted second part of the campaign ‘Cleaning campaign- II’.

Cleaning campaign- II
Year: 2012

‘We’ for Change witnessed the second part of the Cleaning campaign. The campaign was able to engage youths in a weekly basis to conduct the similar cleanliness campaign from Budhhanagar to Shankhamul.