युवातन्त्र was designed by ‘We’ for Change for sensitization and involvement of youth for building their hopes on the occasion of ‘International Youth Day 2013’. The series of events aimed to inspire youth to build their hope towards better future. The major philosophy of this program was to involve youth for the betterment in social causes. This program ran continuously for 12 days to mark the Youth Day. युवातन्त्र not only desired for separate space for youth but also motivated youth towards their role for making certain positive change in our own country. ‘We’ for Change involved 100 volunteers in the program to reach 10,000 mass of young people of Kathmandu Valley.

  • Green Thread-1st August,2013

  • Say no to plastic bag-2nd August,2013

  • Discussion and Documentary Screening-3rd August,2013

  • The Great Debaters- 4th August,2013

  • Light for Dignity-5th August,2013

  • Drama-6th August,2013

  • We paint White!-7th August,2013

  • Traffic Maintenance-8th August,2013

  • Fund Raising- 9th August,2013

  • Cleanliness Campaign- 10th August,2013

  • Chain Game-11th August,2013

  • Tree of Hope-12th August, 2013

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Cycle Rally

Every month, ‘We’ for Change organizes cycle rally to involve youths for spreading social message of different issues. The major focus area of the campaign are:

  • Peace

  • Health

  • Leadership

  • Celebration of important International days such as ‘International Youth Day’, ‘International Tuberculosis Day’, ‘International day of Peace’ etc.

Through this campaign, ‘We’ is able to engage 1000+ youths till date.