‘We’ Hall of Fame


Ms. Sushmina Baidya

President 2017-19
“A leader is a dealer in hope”

She is someone who believes that youth’s age is best utilized when learnt and explored. With this strong zeal and enthusiasm to learn, she initially served as an active executive member in 2014. She worked as a Board of Director in the position of Program Manager from 2015-2017 and as a President from 2017-2019 at ‘We’ for Change. She is someone who believes that leaders are not born but made. Dedicated towards her work, she believes to strive towards making her dream a reality.


Mr. Bikesh Gautam

Vice-President 2017-19

​ “Anyone who thinks the sky is the limit, has limited imagination”

He joined ‘We’ for Change in the year 2013 and has grown gradually along with the steady growth of this organization. He became the organization’s core working committee members in his initial days at the organization and later downed the role of interim executive member afterwards. In the year 2015, he was elected in the post of treasurer for the tenure of 2015/17.He desires to lead the way for producing new leaders and initiate changes under the current esteemed post of the Vice- President


Ms. Sabina Bohaju

Treasurer 2017-2019

She is someone who believes that finance is the heart of any organization. Passionate, dedicated and hardworking Ms. Bohaju joined ‘We’ for Change as an Finance Officer at 2015. Her effort was able to improve financial system at the organization. She worked as a Board of Director in the position of Treasurer from 2017-2019 at ‘We’ for Change. Passionate about her dreams, she desires to see economic prosperity in Nepal.


Mr. Subash Pokharel

Executive Director 2017-2019

Subash Pokharel, young enthusiast pursued his Bachelors in Industrial Engineering from Thapathali Engineering Campus.  His interest in social work drove him to join ‘We’ for Change at 2016 through Young Changemaker Council. He then started working closely within the team and on March 2017, he was elected as Executive Member of ‘We’ for Change for the year 2017-2019, to lead the organization towards a better path.  Currently, Mr. Pokharel has his place on the advisory council of the organization where he guides young people working here on becoming successful young leaders. 


Ms. Monika Chaulagain

President 2015-2017

Monika Chaulagain is a development professional whose strength lies in grass-root community initiatives that empower young people. She has been awarded with Vital Voice Fellowship of VVLead for the class of 2014-2016 where she works with more than 100 women leaders of the world. She is in the capacity of an ambassador for 1st World Sustainability Summit 2013 among 160 representatives of all over the globe. She has represented Nepal in ‘Global Youth Meet 2014’ in India and ‘South Asian Youth Conference 2012’ in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

She aspires to become ambassador for Nepal in the near future.


Mr. Nishchhal Kharal

President 2013-2015

Nishchhal Kharal is a youth peace activist and a social entrepreneur based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Currently, he is leading ‘Idea Ghar’ a non-profit company as a Chief Executive Officer. He holds master degree in Conflict, Governance and Development from University of York, United Kingdom and masters in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.
He is also a co-founder and former president of youth led organization, ‘We’ for Change, cofounder and secretary of research based institution Centre for Social Change and former Asia representative of ‘World Youth Movement for Democracy.  ​