‘We’ run projects over 12 districts of Nepal


MTV Outloud

Outloud is a youth initiative, which aims to intervene healthy behavior pattern of 700 mobile transportation workers of different routes of 15 different districts of Nepal. Targeted transportation workers will receive training and will in turn become advocates of safe sex and HIV stigma reduction, affecting thousands of people in Nepal.



youthinkgreen Nepal is a youth led, non-profit organization having its central office in Berlin, Germany. One chapter is in Nepal namely in the ‘We’ for Change office Buddhanagar, Kathmandu.


School on Wheels

‘School on Wheels’ project is a joint initiation of 'We' for CHANGE, Shree Kutch Leva Patel Community, United Kingdom and Shree Swaminarayan Temple, London.


Youth Peace Camp

Youth Peace Camp (YPC) is initiated by ‘We’ for Change, under its thematic issue – Youth civic engagement for peacebuilding, in joint collaboration with Department of Conflict, Peace and Development Studies, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.


Peace First

Take a look at the various Peace First programs 'We' have already completed. If you are too interested to contribute for this cause and solve an injustice in your community then we are all ears, send your mails. 'We' are always eager to hear your initiative, to turn your dream into reality.

Aware Engage and Empower A Life Today

Young people have an unbelievable force to change a nation for good. As long as we don’t realize it we are getting nowhere. The time to act is now. It doesn’t take a lot to Aware Engage and Empower YOUth. The change begins with YOU. Get in touch to support the ‘We’ Movement.