Everyone is frantically looking for happiness all around, not knowing where it is. Many people’s lives in this world goes on rush. And, when asked most of the people shares the secrets of happiness are: money, power, fame, luxurious life etc. But, do you really think money, power can bring the inner happiness that person wish to have? Various thoughts puzzling in yours’ mind right? I guess my personal answer will be NO but to some extent it might be the reason for YES.
Ohh wait! Let’s reflect this point as. For me, the most greatest secret of life for being happy and satisfied is being yourselves, knowing what you are, doing the things that you love to do no matter what other’s feel, peace of mind and spreading sense of positiveness. The following words such as innocence, motivation, loving, caring, pious perception, helping behaviour, positive attitude and placing others as your own place/circumstances, always drive you towards happiness. Our happiness might lies on the happiness of others too.
The way of happiness also depends on the people’s characteristics like age, habit, status, freedom, family and environment where we are grown. Some interpret being single in life rocks and other say having the loved one around is happiness. Some might found happiness in music while others might found through adventures, reading, playing etc. Being intoxicated might also be the medium of finding happiness to some fellows. But, I personally feel that’s bad aspect. So, it is all about categories, choices of the respective persons. What I feel is, everything has its own importance in life but need to balance it well.