A nation without border is like a house without walls it collapses and that is what going to happen if Nepalese government and the locals do not unite together getting ash trayed of the thought of being Pahades and Madhesis instead as a bunch of flowers representing a wholesome Nepalese unity.
Youths are not the source of problems
they are the resources needed.
Youths are not expenses;
They are investments. Youths are not just young people
They are people and citizens of the country.
Nepal is a small country in terms of power, especially when we’re surrounded by two powerful nations in the world: India and China. Back in the Sugauli Treaty, Nepal was tricked into handing over its major parts to India and China. In regards to the two beautiful places of the Nepalese territory, Limpuyadhura and Lipulekh which lie in the far-west region of Nepal; especially when the entire world is going through a pandemic situation to fight COVID-19 how shameful was it of India to have completed the construction work in the NEPALESE territory without NEPAL’s concern.
We’re well aware of the news about how India has been aggressively trying to captivate its small, neighboring countries by displacing landmarks and using media to falsely accuse and raise cold wars between its neighboring states. Nepal has constantly been facing major border strikes when trying to defend our own landmark. Recently, India had disclosed its official map that included Kalapani, one of the main territories in the far-western part of Nepal. Nepal had allowed India to settle military campaigns in the border of Kalapani but declaring it its own territory shows the utterly disgusting intentions of India. Border breaching of any country is beyond unacceptable which requires immediate #StateofEmergency. However, the coward government of Nepal was never aware about the construction work in its border which connected China and India straight via Nepal. The government of Nepal may take actions against this but us being the citizens of Nepal must take a step forward in bringing awareness about this ongoing issue. Today they come up with their accusations claiming Kalapani, Limpolekh belongs to them, they’ll soon claim Kumari, our traditional architectures promoting “Visit India” In today’s world, Nepalese especially youths are highly active in social medias and we are capable of pressurizing the government to take STRONG actions. It’s a matter of real concern and all youths have to unite together and together we can deliver the issue to the concerned personnel with excessive media coverage.
In order to maintain peace in the country and handle the situation in much if a diplomatic way, youths have to be careful enough to put every words concerning and not criticizing and intending to disgrace the people of India but should pointed towards the dirty play by the Indian politics and autocratic imperialism. We are not here to criticize any group of people but should keep in mind enact that we are here to get back what is rightfully ours.

The dispute between India-Pakistan for Kashmir led to huge misery of thousands and millions of people residing there. We should keep in mind that war isn’t the ultimate solutions. So, here as a literate citizen and the upgrowing backbone of the country we should actually be handling the situation in much of a matured and peaceful way.
Various sorts of literature, music, art and articles and online dramas could be a great source to convey our message in the international forum. Different sorts of activities can be conducted online in this situation of pandemic so as to let the entire world and specifically the government of India to realize that those lands are rightfully of Nepal. A proper dialog in amicable way and reverentially would be another solution.
However, the major loop could be the difference amongst us as Pahades and Madhesis. So, youngster can play a very significant role in the resolving the scenario. Youngsters firm all caste and creed can step forth to close the gap that has been created because it is high time that we realize now that Madhesis aren’t separate from us but they are a part of our country. Once we unite well not only India, but all the other countries would get a stance in pointing a finger or using in their favor. Henceforth, youths can play a vital role in that context.
Approximately, in the entire world, development processes and all the welfare activities are majorly carried out by the youth, the new generations. Of course, being in the social media platforms, youths being the most active can give a good hand on the situation keeping in mind of the diplomatic and peaceful methodology and not criticizing any group of people.
Yeah talking of the peaceful border, youth so have a major role in convincing the government and if necessary, having them kneeled down as well. So, I’d request the youths of our country to join hand in hand via social media putting in mind the pandemic situation and social distancing and having it is making a real success.