Starting from Me, practice attempts to Stay below 1.5 degree

Since the beginning of time, advancement of technologies has been taking place to make this world a better and easier place to live for Humans. But, existence of Human species is in risk. Why? The answer is well known to every single of them. The reason is, Climate Change.

Change of climate attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of global environment is Climate Change. The major concern of every person either a politician or a farmer has been shifted to Climate Change, as it effects has been adversely affecting everyone here. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2017 has been declared as the second hottest year in the history of earth. And if the trend of increase in temperature keeps on going, it is certain that 2018 may break the record of being the hottest year in the history. Climate Change tends to bring serious impacts in communities, ecosystem and livelihood of people. Increase in temperature, drought, intense summer heat, untimely rainfall, floods and landslides are the major impacts of Climate Change. Nepal being a developing country is also in great risk of Climate Change though its contribution in CO2 emission is very less in comparison to other countries i.e. 0.2%. Mean annual temperature of the world is increasing and with this trend the estimated global warming from 1990 to 2100 is of 1.4-5.8°C, assuming a range of climate sensitivities. On one hand temperature has been rising annually whereas on the other hand precipitation rate has been decreasing significantly. This anonymous change in climate has frequently resulted extreme weather events and water-induced disasters to the intense harm in livelihood of human.

The tremendously increasing temperature has made the life on earth difficult. Climate extremes disasters such as flash floods, landslides, and drought are hitting every part of earth in a severe manner. Catastrophic disasters such as Glacier Lake Outburst Flood, is taking place counting in the glaciers lake in the endangered list. Economy and GDP of countries depending on agriculture have been questionable as Climate Change has negatively impacted the sector of agriculture. Diseases related to air and water has been killing millions of people every year. The world has continuously been trying to address these issues and to work to combat it. Different Conference of Parties (COP) meetings are organized to address these issues and review the progress of every party towards climate change. Various program of action has also been made in regards to Climate Change. Likewise to achieve the goal of combating Climate Change, on December 2015, the world agreed to keep warming significantly below 2.0° above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5° degrees in comparison to pre-industrial levels. Simply, we can understand that world agreed to put efforts on staying below 1.5 degrees. But still a big question arises here. Is it possible, if so HOW????

Achieving this goal is challenging but not impossible. The major cause of Climate Change are human so changing the habits and traditions of human which are in practice can be a helping hand in achieving the goal. Adopting natural solutions to every environment related problem can also induce in achieving the goal. Forests are great contributors in decreasing the impact of Green House Gases as they play the role in carbon sequestration and carbon storage. So, providing emphasis on implementing the concept of community forestry and scientific forestry will also help in staying below 1.5 degrees. Practicing sustainable agriculture, focusing on cultivating nitrogen-fixing plants, improved livestock management and practicing agroforestry concept are also some natural solutions. Today, the use of solar energy has flourished about 30%, in practice, but to reach the goal it must reach 100%. So, developing the technologies with the concept of use of renewable energy is a must and shifting the priority to 100% renewable energy and eco-friendly products is needed to stay below 1.5 degrees. The era we live is the era of social media. Almost 90% of world’s population is updated with various social media sites. So, revolutionary change towards mitigating climate change can also be brought through these social media. Providing awareness to public through various social media sites, initiating social media campaigns against Climate Change can also help us to reach the goal of staying below 1.5 degrees after all it’s our duty to save our planet.

-Dipika Badal

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Letter from a daughter

Dear parents,

I am writing this letter to remind you that you have a daughter. Yes. She is vagina-ist. She has a
vagina and boobs. Perfect two rounds and booty she loves. She is your daughter. You both
conceived her. I am here to jog your memory lane.

Like any parents, you protect her. Oh, you do.

She starts to grow up. She hits her puberty. Her flat chest is not flat anymore. She is beautiful.
You get worried. You ask her where she is heading to. How many friends does she have? Are
they all girls? Vagina-ist? Oh no?? There are boys too? More boy-friends than girls? Red alert!
Be careful.

Infant, child, teenage. She is growing up. You get worried. You share her awful stories of what
happens to vagina owners. She feels scared. She looks down her vagina and wishes things were
easier if she had a penis? Brr. She brushes off the idea. She is straight. No way. But she still
questions her existence as a girl. She thinks the world is cruel. Ruthless. Living monsters.


She wants to work her ass-off. She wants to go beyond what the stereotypical society holds for
girls, because she believes on her hidden wings. But, you get worried. So, you call her, every 1
hour. Ask her where she is. She replies. She replies to every question. Calls you back every 30
minutes before you reach home, just to let you know where she is.

She starts working 8 hours a day. She works in the darkest nights of winter. You get worried. You
constantly remind how scary the world is. “Penis-holders’ v/s vagina-ist? Penis-holders are the
winner, my child. You are weak. You are vulnerable. You are our child. We love you. Come
home early.”

She meets new friends. She talks to them. She meets guys. She meets girls. She has a boyfriend.
She learns the true virtue of men. Penis-holder has a name- Men. He shows you the meaning of
men. He makes her meet his men-friends. They respect her. Real Men.

She makes a world of her own. A world with men and women both. True men and true women.
They inspire her. They show her sides; a girl can be. She starts weaving her wings. You,
You. Get. Worried.

You share her stories about rapes, sexual assault, groping and kidnapping. Penis-holders are
Stop. Please.

The world is not all that. She knows there are monsters. She knows. Not everyone is safe. Not
everyone is vulnerable. She understands your love. She does not understand your fear. Believe
her. She has woven her own wings. She is careful. She has never forgotten her values.
Stop. Please.

Tell her, assure her, she is in the safest hands of her friends. If not, teach her to fight. Don’t teach
her ways to run away. Tell her to use her wings but to be careful of the scissor-holders, not penis-
holders. Talk to her about your life and real struggles. The courage and efforts you faced to raise

Teach her to be a fighter…

With best regards,
Daughter (Fighter)

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Valentine’s Day and Teen Dating Violence

February, the month of valentine. Valentine day, the day when every couple meet and spend nice time with each other, share gifts. The seven days valentine week starting from rose day to Valentine day is the special week in February for all the lovers in the world. We have tons of amazing activities planned all month long. It’s that time of year again. Bright red and pink boxes of chocolate line store aisles. Flower sales booms. Across the country, people gear up for Valentine day, celebrating love in all its forms. This valentines is the first valentine with my new love so, this month is so special to me as for others.
But this western culture has brought many problems with love. For many teens and young adults, “love” can be dangerous. The common problem that arise on this month is teen dating violence. "Teen Dating Violence (also known as relationship abuse, dating abuse, domestic violence, domestic abuse, etc.) is any form of abuse that occurs in a dating/romantic relationship involving a teenager.”
Sharing my own personal experience , my last Valentine with my old love, was a nightmare to me. I was so excited about the Valentine day few years ago like this Valentine. On that day, I was ready to go with red roses to his house. I was so happy and excited as I was called to meet him at his home on that day. I went there. I saw the room was decorated so beautifully like a dating spot. I felt good. Then he gently kissed on my chick, that I felt nice but later he tried to touch me and abuse sexually without my permission. Then, I ran out from there. On that day I became the victim of teendating violence. So, it was like a nightmare to me.
But on this Valentine, I spent the day with my new love. He didn’t do any such kind of thing that I didn’t like and impressed me by his gifts and surprises. So, everyone should choose the right partner in their life to be safe from these kinds of violence.. One of the partner may touch, kiss and do other physical abuses and harassment which may not be liked by the other partner in the name of Valentines which is teen dating violence. Similarly, one of the partner may ask for gifts to another partner which may not be affordable to him/her . This is also one kind of violence..
So, lets make the February, violence free month and make it pure love month and healthy relationship month. So, this is my view on the love month, February, what about yours? Please share your feelings.

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New year 2018

Last year during this time, ‘We’ were set to collect resolutions from you to see what you had in stored for yourself in 2017. I hope you achieved what you had set out for.

Years add up in our lives and we scribble our goals into words for the year (and forget, that’s what happens for most of us).

We set goals. We set targets. We dream about our dream. We set goals to buy a house in the future, dream to become a millionaire, buy cars and all the expensive luxuries you can imagine of.

Today, as you read this, ask yourself, ‘Are our goals limited to materials? Is earning money your only motivation? Should money be your ONLY motivation?’
Hey, don’t get me wrong. Money drives you to work but is it the only force?
Stop setting goals that are too materialistic. In the end what is the purpose of all the bills you have in your wallet, or cards, if you do not have a single person to share your meal with.

Stop wasting your time trying to prove and please people. Why give a space for negativity, when you can fill that space with other beautiful thing? 10 years down the line, when you look at the mirror and see your reflection, what is that one word you would want to say to you?

Work for that ‘Word’. Work to better self. What the other correspondent says doesn’t matter, what matters is what your own reflection will say to you.

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Secrets of happiness

Everyone is frantically looking for happiness all around, not knowing where it is. Many people’s lives in this world goes on rush. And, when asked most of the people shares the secrets of happiness are: money, power, fame, luxurious life etc. But, do you really think money, power can bring the inner happiness that person wish to have? Various thoughts puzzling in yours’ mind right? I guess my personal answer will be NO but to some extent it might be the reason for YES.
Ohh wait! Let’s reflect this point as. For me, the most greatest secret of life for being happy and satisfied is being yourselves, knowing what you are, doing the things that you love to do no matter what other’s feel, peace of mind and spreading sense of positiveness. The following words such as innocence, motivation, loving, caring, pious perception, helping behaviour, positive attitude and placing others as your own place/circumstances, always drive you towards happiness. Our happiness might lies on the happiness of others too.
The way of happiness also depends on the people’s characteristics like age, habit, status, freedom, family and environment where we are grown. Some interpret being single in life rocks and other say having the loved one around is happiness. Some might found happiness in music while others might found through adventures, reading, playing etc. Being intoxicated might also be the medium of finding happiness to some fellows. But, I personally feel that’s bad aspect. So, it is all about categories, choices of the respective persons. What I feel is, everything has its own importance in life but need to balance it well.

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My experience as a ‘HIV/AIDS trainer’

What comes to your mind when you hear about HIV/AIDS?

When I was at grade-6, I was introduced about HIV/AIDS as a fatal communicable disease. Back then we were only informed about its symptoms and the fact that it was not curable. This concept was stuck in my mind till I reached grade 12. There, I got to know that this disease, though not curable, the life expectancy of the person suffering from it could be extended by introducing him/her to ART (Antiretroviral Therapy).

My journey about getting informed and informing others kept moving forward as I joined ‘We’ for Change in 2014 as a volunteer. While I was volunteering there, I got a huge opportunity to work in the project named ‘Outloud’. ‘Outloud’ is a youth initiative, which aims to intervene healthy behavior pattern of 700 mobile transportation workers of 15 different districts of Nepal. Targeted transportation workers receive training and in turn become advocates of safe sex and HIV stigma reduction, affecting thousands of people in Nepal. In this project, I was given the responsibility to work as the trainer for these transportation workers about HIV/AIDS and safe sex practices. Before I looked myself as a trainer, I needed to make sure that I was educated enough to train them. So, ‘We’ for change arranged a workshop where we were given detailed knowledge about HIV/AIDS and team building exercisers to encourage the participants. From December 2015 the project began and till date our team has trained 300+ transport workers from 6 different district of Nepal.

Today, thinking about being a part of this project gives me a blissful feeling as I was chosen to provide knowledge to thousands of unaware population out there. The thing that makes me proud is the positive attitude that the participants show during and after the training. Being involved with them and exchanging knowledge that they could pass to others makes me realize that the dream I see to change the world is making its path through our efforts. Thus, now I believe that, if people putting their shame aside, try and gather knowledge to change their behavior and attitude regarding issues such as HIV/AIDS, sooner or later the face of our country will take a turnover towards positive side regarding the status of awareness among people about such significant issues.

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