27 05, 2020

 Using Digital Activism and Social Awareness to Resolve Border Disputes By Abhishek Jha

The atrocious nature of the establishment of the Israeli state in 1948 earned the event the label of ‘Nakba’ or catastrophe from the Palestinians. It marked the beginning of a deep-running ethnic divide that has materialized in the form of a violent border dispute over the decades. Repeated conflicts between the two sides have dashed hopes of a peaceful

27 05, 2020

A nation without Border By Adity Shah

A nation without border is like a house without walls it collapses and that is what going to happen if Nepalese government and the locals do not unite together getting ash trayed of the thought of being Pahades and Madhesis instead as a bunch of flowers representing a wholesome Nepalese unity. Youths are not the source of problems they

27 05, 2020

Letter from the Front: Youths creating action for peaceful borders By Jebish Prajapati

  One of the fondest memories of school life used to be belting out our national anthem with immense passion and enthusiasm. Every citizen has a sense of pride in their motherland. Love for one’s motherland is one of the most powerful and uplifting feelings. But what sort of action would you take against someone opposing your motherland? The

23 08, 2019

International Youth Day 2019

Today the world is younger than it has ever been. We have around 1.8 billion young people aged between, 12 to 24 and it’s the largest youth group the world has ever seen. Today’s youths are tomorrow’s leaders and their leadership and participation is extremely important to create positive change in this world. Realizing the importance of young people, United

1 05, 2018

Life for me…

Life began like a seed in womb of mother continues till death May be after death In someone’s heart, memories “Life is a continuous process” Life is light always tries to be bright But May have load shedding Life is a sky, never definable Can’t be always clear but have flying bird Or dark cloud with silver lining Life just

22 03, 2018

Starting from Me, practice attempts to Stay below 1.5 degree

Since the beginning of time, advancement of technologies has been taking place to make this world a better and easier place to live for Humans. But, existence of Human species is in risk. Why? The answer is well known to every single of them. The reason is, Climate Change. Change of climate attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that

16 03, 2018

Letter from a daughter

Dear parents, I am writing this letter to remind you that you have a daughter. Yes. She is vagina-ist. She has a vagina and boobs. Perfect two rounds and booty she loves. She is your daughter. You both conceived her. I am here to jog your memory lane. Like any parents, you protect her. Oh, you do. She starts to

18 02, 2018

Valentine’s Day and Teen Dating Violence

February, the month of valentine. Valentine day, the day when every couple meet and spend nice time with each other, share gifts. The seven days valentine week starting from rose day to Valentine day is the special week in February for all the lovers in the world. We have tons of amazing activities planned all month long. It’s that

1 01, 2018

New year 2018

Last year during this time, ‘We’ were set to collect resolutions from you to see what you had in stored for yourself in 2017. I hope you achieved what you had set out for. Years add up in our lives and we scribble our goals into words for the year (and forget, that’s what happens for most of us). We

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