Bivuti Basnet – President

Bivuti, President of ‘We’ for Change, is someone who loves thinking up innovative and dynamic ideas. If you are the same, you will probably find yourself chatting for hours with her! Bivuti brings wide-ranged expertise to ‘We’ for Change with her 5+ years of service. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Development Finance, Bivuti strives to help youths to engage in critical contemporary issues affecting different sectors, manage and lead more effectively, collaborate and exchange solutions, and achieve greater impact in their communities. Bivuti now applies her diverse leadership experiences to help identify emerging trends, engage in critical policy issues, exchange proven practices, and advance youth-led missions through advocacy.

Area of Interest:

Youth Leadership & Capacity Building | Youth Entrepreneurship & Economic Development | Green Economy & Financing

Favorite quote:

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” — Nelson Mandela


Shrijana Gautam – Vice President

Shrijana Gautam, 19, is an undergraduate student in management field. She has been involved in ‘We’ for Change since 2020 and is currently working as a Vice-President. She is a highly motivated individual who has a clear understanding of administrative systems and operation strategies of ‘We’ for Change. As a Vice-President, she is responsible for handling overall operation and administration of the organization along with development of strategies for organizational growth.

Areas of interest:
Youth Leadership | Entrepreneurship & Economic Development | Environment sustainability
Favorite quote:
 “Anything you can imagine, you can create.” –  Oprah Winfrey

Abhipsa Pradhan – General Secretary

Abhipsa Pradhan 22, is an undergraduate Public Health student who believes that positive change comes from within. She is motivated to work for increasing the leadership of youths and is interested to work in the field of health sector. She has been involved in ‘We’ for Change since 2020 and as a General Secretary her major responsibilities lies in overseeing organizational legal matters, helping build organizational strategies,  decision making, team communication and management. Apart from this Abhipsa enjoys connecting with people and exploring new things.

Areas of Interest:

Good Health and Well-being | Youth Leadership | Research.

Favorite Quote:

“Life is all about learning”.


Bibhuti Pokhrel – Program Manager

Bibhuti Pokhrel, 23 is an undergraduate student of Public Health. She has been an integral part of the organization since 2019. Bibhuti considers herself as an aspiring change-maker and believes in the power of compassion and hard work. Dedication, optimism and adaptability are her strengths.  Aside from academics, she is involved in youth leadership and volunteer work in the fields of health and sustainable development. As ‘We’ for Change’s Program Manager her major responsibilities lies in organizational planning and implementing various projects and programs based on ‘We’ for Change’s thematic areas  to create safe spaces and opportunities for young people.
Area of interest:
Environment Sustainability | SRHR | Youth Leadership & Civic Engagement
Favorite Quote:
“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” – Albert Einstein

Shreejan Hakuduwal – Secretary

Shreejan Hakuduwal, 20, is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. He strongly believes that youths are the leaders of tomorrow. With the motive to mobilize young manpower and contribute his own for the well-being of future generation, he’s been working with ‘We’ For Change since 2020. As an organizational’s secretary  his major roles lies in renewal of organization and approval process. He also manages logistics and administration with program manager. On top of this, Shreejan loves bag-packing to some new place and experience new things whenever he’s free.

Favorite Quote:
“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

Sanush Shakya – Treasurer

Sanush Shakya 22, is an undergraduate student of Information Management. Sanush highly believes in developing a career as an Entrepreneur. As ‘We’ for Change’s Treasurer, he is responsible for planning, budgets preparing to reporting and auditing of the organization as well as maintain a stable financial position of the organization. Apart from this Sanush has a great infatuation with traveling.

Areas of Interest:

Sustainable Development | Information Technology | Entrepreneurship

Favorite Quote:

“Fill your life with adventure not things. Have some stories to tell, not stuff to show.”


Divesh Shrestha – Youth Activation Manager

Divesh Shrestha, 20, is a public health undergraduate. He is a creative and a responsible person who sees things with great attention to detail. As the Youth Activation Manager at ‘We’ for Change, Divesh’s main responsibilities include mobilizing members/volunteers and planning and organizing programs that have a positive impact. He is friendly, enjoys connecting with people and loves cooking.

Areas of Interest:

Good Health & Wellbeing | Quality Education | LGBTQ+ Rights

Favorite quote:

“There’s only one you. Understand who you are, your uniqueness.”


Ritik Dangol – Project Associate

Ritik is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work at Purbanchal University. He aspires for an opportunity to strengthen his competencies, obtain work experience, and improve both personally and professionally. He joined ‘We’ for Change in order to broaden his experience, enhance his documentation, network-building, project management abilities, and to create an impact in society.

Areas of Interest:

Social Entrepreneurship | Quality Education

Favourite quote:

“Get busy living or get busy dying.”


Rushel Shilpakar – Youth Mobilizer

Rushel Shilpakar, a rover scout and undergrad of B.A Social work with major in Psychology is a 22-year-old resident of the ancient magical city Bhaktapur. He is an enthusiastic young individual who is always open for opportunities to learn and grow. He has always been driven by the feeling of serving other started his volunteering journey since 2016 from Bloodpal campaign then through We-March organization. Later on with the likeminded animal lover youths of Bhaktapur he served not only to mankind but also to the voiceless beings by running the animal welfare organization named ‘Together For Paws’. He believes that youth have tremendous energy and if channelized properly with right mentorship can help achieve the desirable goals and make changes in society. As a Youth Mobilizer of ‘We’ for Change, he inspires, encourages, and prepares volunteers and interns to help reach their goals while also assisting the organization in achieving its own.
He is an aesthete who has a deep passion for arts and writes poems. He is a wanderer driven by the philosophy of ‘Live, Love, Laugh and Camp’ packs his bag and goes to the nature to rebuild his connection with the holy mother nature.

Areas of Interest:

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights | Culture Conservation | Climate Action

Favorite quote:

“Everything happens for a reason.”


Samita Thapaliya – Finance Officer

Samita Thapaliya, 21, is an undergraduate student in management field. She is very creative and a critical thinker. She is a very hard-working person and fast learner. Working as a finance officer, she manages organizational accounts department and operations. She is highly motivated to learn and explore the field of management.

Areas of Interest:

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development | Good Health & Wellbeing | Quality Education

Favorite quote:

“Opportunity and Sunrise have the same similarity. Delayers lose them.”