connecting, uniting and inspiring young people 

Distancing but Connecting an online campaign initiated amid the COVID-19 crisis to connect Nepalese youths living in Nepal and overseas with the aim to connect all of us together despite our geographical barriers, work schedules and differences in life in order to talk about our mental health, financial problems, hardship of online education transition, find solutions and grow together. The campaign also is a place to talk about the on-going political turmoil in Nepal, issues of territorial annexation, a place to discuss how to promote dialogues and build trust amongst ourselves. ‘Distancing but Connecting’ has proved to become a social space where youths can connect to their loved ones even from afar, tell their crazy lockdown/quarantine stories, do fun activities and discuss matters of peace and social justice. This digital platform organizes programs such as: Mental Health talks, youth appreciation week, weekly podcast release, virtual challenges such as plantation challenge, recycling challenge, storytelling through poetry and painting that boosts communication and leadership skills. The online campaign was started as early as April and since then  ‘We’ have already been able to connect to more than 2,000 youths. The purpose of this initiation was not to let anyone feel drifted away but stay united and connected, to inspire young people of the age group 16-24 years and continuously grow together which was possible through a common technological platform through the campaign ‘Distancing but Connecting’.

Our Reach till Date

2,000+ Youths reached

7+ SDG related topics covered

Won UN SDG Solidarity Award 

Take a look at some of the videos of our campaign