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Let’s Meditate Online Course is an interactive learning platform where you can dive deeper into learning ways to promote self-love, self-awareness, mindfulness meditation and yoga, acquiring the techniques of cyber fasting and limiting social media anxiety disorder. In this course you will learn how to gain a deeper understanding about yourself and explore your inner peace through expert guidance provided by trained national as well as international gurus. You will be learning about the importance of Self-Love, Self-Awareness, Mindfulness and Meditation and ways of limiting Social Media Anxiety Disorder through interactive videos, presentations, weekly challenges and exercises and other valuable reading resources.

Join the journey of exploring your inner strength and understanding yourself better along with other changemakers. Enroll now by filling the form below.

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To be enrolled in the Let’s Meditate Online Course you will need to deposit Nrs. 500/- to the organization as a commitment fee. Once you fill in the above form and request for enrollment you will be reached out via the email provided by you. Upon deposit of NRs. 500/- you will be granted an access code to be enrolled in our course.

For more details about the enrollment and deposit you can also email us at or call us at 01-4106915.

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The amount collected and or earned by this process shall only be used for the development, maintenance and management of Let’s Meditate Online Course and to implement impactful social change projects/programs by our changemakers and shall not be used for any profit-oriented motives.