‘We’ paint green 

‘We’ paint Green successfully involved 89 students from different schools and colleges of Kathmandu Valley. The paintings evoked the realistic message of environmental concerns and issues and promises to preserve the future generation. The program encouraged young students to paint on issues regarding environmental concern. The painting demonstrated in ‘Environment Day 2013’ on June 5, emphasized on youth capacity and desire for ‘Environmental Sustainability’ for better future. A separate exhibition was held afterwards where only the selected paintings were kept in the demonstration. Mr. Henning Hansen, Deputy Chief of the mission of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of German was the chief guest of the event. Environmental workers, social workers, civil society and activists were part of the program.

Marking World AIDS Day 

On 7th December, 2013 ‘We’ team donated the stationary material and edible items to the Nawa Kiran Plus organization for the children living with HIV, marking World AIDS day 2013. Along with this,‘We’ team also organised the infotainment program for those children and spent the whole day with them.

Youth Speak Up!

 ‘We’ for Change organized Youth, Speak Up! on September 2013,  at K and K International College where we involved young people of Kathmandu in a lively discussion about ‘Abroad Study: Opportunities and Challenges’. Here the participants, facilitators and chief guests spoke about the increased migration in the country drawing from their personal experiences. We had Mr. Ram K Rijal as chief guest and Mr. Deepak Poudel as Vice- President of K and K International College. 

Live your Dream

On 20th September, 2013 ‘We’ for Change conducted its event called ‘Live your Dream’ at Vishow Niketan School, Tripureshwor where we empowered 24 students conducting one-day infotainment session to build up their leadership skills.


युवातन्त्र was designed by ‘We’ for Change for sensitization and involvement of youth for building their hopes on the occasion of ‘International Youth Day 2013’. The series of events aimed to inspire youth to build their hope towards better future. The major philosophy of this program was to involve youth for the betterment in social causes. This program ran continuously for 12 days to mark the Youth Day. युवातन्त्र not only desired for separate space for youth but also motivated youth towards their role for making certain positive change in our own country. ‘We’ for Change involved 100 volunteers in the program to reach 10,000 mass of young people of Kathmandu Valley.


1) Green Thread-1st August,2013

 The green thread is a motivational symbol to show interest and support for better and greener Nepal. Green Thread is the symbol of our commitment, connecting everything we do to the health of our people, our communities and our planet.

2) Say no to plastic bag-2nd August,2013

Production of plastic contributes to air pollution and energy consumption. And there is an adverse effect on human being on their physical, mental, and spiritual health. So, on August 2, We for change said no to plastic bag where the active members of ‘We’ for Change scattered in different parts of the city and help to ban plastic bags at least for a day. Free cotton bag were provided by ‘We’ for Change on that specific day.

3) Discussion and Documentary Screening-3rd August,2013

Is the recognition by the state for the youths fair? Are we youth or young? Do we have the courage to take a lead in the way of transformation? These are the questions; many concerned youths are questioning themselves. But the answer is still unknown. So, the team provided a platform for those youths to discuss, and redefine the concept of youth in Nepali perspectives. On 3rd August , a discussion session was conducted at Thames College to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the youth and a documentary screening program was also held to inspire the youths.

4) The Great Debaters- 4th August,2013

‘We’ for Change believes that debate provides the platform for exploring all relevant issues. It also is a vehicle for practicing delivery skills and ‘thinking on one’s feet’. We for Change conducted Debate competition on August 4 to explore the ideas on the topic “Abroadism and its impact on youth ”. 10 youths from six different schools participated in the Great Debaters.

5) Light for Dignity-5th August,2013

We for Change is of the opinion that every youth should hold  dignity and no other people without any reason should do harm in his/her dignity. To respect all the youth’s rights and dreams, ‘We’ for Change dedicided to facilitate a gathering of the mass of youth for lightning the candle in Shanti Batika on August 5.

6) Drama-6th August,2013

On August 6, ‘We’ for Change team on performed a street drama in Basantapur Durbar Square to showcase the life of typical youth who has many dreams and had to overcome many challenge to pursue his dreams.

7) We paint White!-7th August,2013

In Kathmandu Valley, mostly outside the walls of Government Colleges, we can see many paintings and poster regarding the political parties, and movies. On the seventh day, the team removed all the posters outside the walls of Trichandra College, paint the walls white and draw motivational message i.e.”Hope can set you free”.

8) Traffic Maintenance-8th August,2013

Kathmandu faces the on-going problem of traffic jams on regular basis. The road are jammed with vehicles especially during the office hours. Many blame traffic police for their unsuccessful maintenance of the vehicles on the road. But what can traffic police do without the coordination of public in the streets. Hence, ‘We’ assited the traffic police on August 8 in the major traffic stations of valley for the smooth running of the vehicle.

9) Fund Raising- 9th August,2013

On August 9, we for change raised the funds for the upcoming project ‘Live your Dreams’.

10) Cleanliness Campaign- 10th August,2013

Whenever passing by the roads of the city, we can see heaps of garbage and we put our hands in our nose to prevent the foul smell and we walk by cursing the resident of that area for not keeping the city clean. We almost forget what is our real situation in our own community. ‘We’ for Change believes that change is possible within oneself. So, a cleanliness campaign was carried out in the surroundings of Buddhanagar, New Baneshwor area with theme : Keep our promise , keep our city clean.

11) Chain Game-11th August,2013

On August 11, a grand program was organized in which a human chain was formed. As the name suggests, around 50 young people gathered at Baneshwor Chowk in this particular Day and the series of entertainment like dance, music etc were performed to make the general people conscious about contribution, roles and responsibilities of youth in promoting peace

12) Tree of Hope-12th August, 2013

It is said that ‘Hope can set you free’. It of course can set you free. But the fear within us can abide all our hopes, dreams and aspirations. The insecurity from life, fear of failure and the shading of our courage can shatter all our hope at once. In this International Youth Day, thousands of youth came together to congregate the hopes, ideas and aspirations to let the nation know about their actual ideas and our organization believes in transformation of those significant leaves that will be heard by policy makers.