Celebration of International Youth Day

Supporter: Youth Mela
Place: Nepal Staff College, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
Time: 1:00 pm-5:00 pm
Date:15th August, 2015, Saturday

म परिवर्तक means ‘I am a Changemaker!’. ‘We’ for change introduced म परिवर्तक campaign on the occasion of International Youth Day 2015 in order to inspire youths to initiate positive change in their and in other’s life. ‘We’ team build a photo-booth where youngsters who had carried out positive change in the society were only eligible to post capture their photos. ‘We’ clicked more than 300 youth’s picture for being a change-maker.
Likewise, ‘We’ for Change also built Tree of Hope for collecting the hopes, aspirations and dream for Nepal Rebuilding after Earthquake. Many youths presented their ideas, their concerns and some of the issues that needs to be incorporated in Tree of Hope.

Workshop on Child Counselling and Art Therapy

On June 28, 2015, ‘We’ for Change conducted workshop on Child Counselling and Art Therapy on Uddhyami Ghar. 20 participants from different background attended the workshop. The major purpose of the workshop was to train young minds for helping the children to cope up with Earthquake and other natural disaster. Ms. Saoni Banerjee, art therapist from Kolkata was the moderator of the session where she used different techniques of art to release the trauma of disaster. Five hours training incorporated the sessions of self healing, perspective explorations, painting, games and others. Many participants explored the topic of ‘Safety’ in their own terms. Some participants cited family as their measure of safety whereas some participants described tarpaulins as their safety in the session. After the session, many participants took this workshop into the next level by engaging the students of Sankhu Palubari Community School, Sankhu.

Members Retreat

On 13th March, 2015, ‘We’ for change conducted its re-treat program welcoming its new, young and energetic members. The program was conducted at Pasa Yard, Lalitpur where the new members were given orientation about our organization and introduced with every aspect of organization. Along with this, the members were taught various skills via infotainment method, needed as a part of organization. Fundraising skills, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Team Building activities and debating skills were focused in a day and half long training.The program was a more like a group getaway in which every member created a strong bond with one another and each different individual came out as a single unit.

Leadership handover to the 4th generation leaders 2015-17

‘We’ for Change completed its 3rd year and stepped into the 4th on 14th March, 2015. On this auspicious occasion, ‘We’ held the 2nd Annual General Meeting, electing its new executive members for the year 2015-2017. This AGM was led by the former president Mr. Nishchhal Kharal.  Our members elected dynamic youths in various positions. The elected positions are Ms. Monika Chaulagain as President, followed by Mr. Ashmin Sharma as Vice-President. Ms. Kabita Thapa was elected as Secretary, Mr. Bikesh Gautam holds the position of Treasurer and Ms. Sushmina Baidya elected as Program Manager. The dance and music performances led by members were the soul of the celebration. The celebration was done within the closed group of supporters, well-wishers and everyone who were the part of ‘We’ for Change family

Condom for Valentine

Condom for Valentine was organized by ‘We’ for Change where 800 packets of condoms were distributed among the youths. The event was divided into two phase: In the first phase ‘We’ team visited and distributed condoms as a gift along with cards to six different organizations. The card contained messages related to HIV/AIDS in order to spread awareness. Second phase was named as ‘Get Tested Awareness Hug’ where youths were selected at random. Youths present at Basantapur were distributed condoms, heart shaped balloons and cards with messages about HIV/AIDS.

Bagmati Cleanliness Campaign

On 10th January, 2015, ‘We’ supported Bagmati Cleaning Campaign along with 25 youths including trainees, volunteers and project members. Bagmati Cleaning Campaign is a weekly campaign where every Saturday, two hours, volunteers from more than 30 organizations, different schools and colleges take part in the cleaning Campaign. Bagmati Cleaning Campaign started 13th February, 2014 with collaboration of many organizations.