Stepping stones for the year of 2018!!

What more good a year can be than rebuilding a home and a big family. 

‘We’ releases HIV TESTING SONG

‘We’ releases HIV TESTING SONG 2018!!

An infotainment song that aims to raise awareness on the importance of HIV testing, knowing our HIV status and safe sexual practices. The song is produced in support of AIDS Healthcare Foundation-AHF Nepal and in collaboration with National Centre for AIDS and STD Control – NCASC and YUWA


World AIDS Day, 2018

‘We’ for Change celebrated World AIDS Day 2018 in two areas. As the theme of #Knowyourstatus, we implemented two programs.
Siraha: Marking World AIDS DAY 2018, ‘We’ for Change conducted a HIV testing camp in Siraha within our ongoing project ‘Free HIV Testing. The ongoing test of HIV was conducted by our energetic youths, testing over 1,000 people for helping them know about their status of HIV.
Kathmandu: In order to promote healthy behavior, ‘We’ celebrated #WeCup2018 which witnessed participation of more than 20 young people including Idea Ghar. After the football competition, we shared among the youths about the importance of safe sexual practices and healthy well-being.
#Knowyourstatus #WorldAIDSDay


“Girls Like You can do unspeakable things, if you want, you can move mountains of hurdles with your bare hands, but first, SPEAK OUT”.

Girls like YOU! fair 2018 was all about fun, games and to inspire both young men and women to end gender based violence and foster the practices of equity to all. The project was initiated to mark the ’16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence’ for the year 2018. The project consisted of Youth Speak Platform, Photo Booth, Infotainment Stalls, live music and many more attraction. The event is organized by ‘We’ for Change and WOREC Nepal; in collaboration with National College and supported by PLAN Nepal

Let’s Light Hope for Peace

On the occassion of International Peace Day, September 21, 2018 ‘We’ for Change in support of Peace First, Boston organized a flying lantern festival named ‘Lets Light Hope for Peace’ addressing this year’s theme ‘The Right to Peace’.  During this event 200+ youths participated at UN Park Nepal to spread a positive and hopeful message of peace for a better and stable Nepal.
“Peace is not that far, just stretch out your hands and find someone else’s there; work hand in hand and there you will find the long sought out Peace”.

Youth Day Massive Mania!!!!

On the occasion of International Youth Day, 2018 marking the energy of youths and creating spaces for them to prosper ‘We’ attempt to motivate the youths to ‘DO SOMETHING BETTER’ by bringing in aspiring youths of Nepal and sharing their story among you. If you believe you can make an impact in your community.
​Now is the right time. Not now then when?

World Environment Day, 2018

With this year’s theme ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, ‘We’ carried out our first ever thrift store where beautiful commodities like bags, frames, basket etc. made out of scrape glasses, unused paper, plastic bottle and clothes were handed over to the youths of National College. ‘We’ wanted to spread a global green message to everyone to reduce plastic pollution that are polluting our rivers, oceans and melting Himalayas and adversely affecting our lives.
Think smart, Think green.

A Day for Peacebuilding

​This month of June as a part of monthly members’ orientation ‘We’ for CHANGE in conducted a session to aware our members about the on going peace process in Nepal, civic engagement and good governance.

​The session was facilitated by our well wisher and peace and conflict management expert Mr. Pratap Adhikari and co-founder of ‘We’ for CHANGE, Mr. Nischhal kharal.

Know your Miles

Are our Children really safe?
How will you protect them?
‘Know your miles’ is an initiation in collaboration with DUCOM (Destination Unknown Children on Move) which tells us about migrating children and commits to work towards safe mobility of children.

Special acknowledgement:
1. Sulav Badal
2. Sadikshya Malla
3. Prakriti Badal
4. Rohan Suwal

Video direction: Aaryan Chaudhary

Member’s Retreat

Packed with buck-loads of memories, stories and experience sharing, ‘We’ for Change organized our members’ retreat for the batch of members’ of 2018, this month of June. The retreat program comprised of extensive training relating to proposal writing, rationale setting, team working, goal setting and many more. These training was given to ‘today’s youth and future’s nation builders’

All these craziness happens only here at ‘We’ for Change.

What are we up to in the month of April?

‘We’ for CHANGE this month of April, 2018 conducted a session titled ‘Youth in Entrepreneurship’, taking special consideration the members of ‘We’ for CHANGE learnt building entrepreneurship skill, business start up, scopes and environment of social entrepreneurship in Nepal. The session was conducted at SAATH and facilitated by Kritishma Karki and Bijeysh Ranjit.

Motto of the event: ‘We’ learn together, if we fall down 9 times in making the dream into reality then ‘We’ get up 10.

No Vote No Voice

#NoVOTENoVOICE was organized among young students of KMC, ISMT and K&K college where these young minds were made aware about election process and voting system in Nepal. It is very important for young generation to be civically aware.
#civicAwareness #YouthPower #NoVoteNoVoice

International Women’s Day

Take a look at what men at ‘We’ for Change have to say about Women. Just look at your right and you get to learn extremely exciting and funny stories created by 10 of our active male members and their say on women’s most talked issues. And once again Happy Women’s day!

Members orientation 2018

‘We’ for CHANGE officially welcomed our newest members on March 2nd, 2018 at a small session organized at Thames International College. Shaping future leaders is what we do here at ‘We’ for Change so get ready, a new generation of young inspiring leaders are on their way to make you enthralled.

International Condom Day 2018

This International Condom Day, ‘We’ for Change organized FlashMob and CONDOMarch engaging 30 young participants. The event took place at Bhaktapur Durbar Square. ‘We’ performed FlashMob at three different places of Bhaktapur Durbar Square and CONDOMarch few kms away from Durbar Square i.e. from Taumadhi to Durbar Square. Alongside these components, our Free HIV Testing Bus was also providing service to the local people of Bhaktapur. About 50 young people were tested during this event.

Best From Waste

Promoting and instilling concept of 4R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair, ‘We’ for Change has been organizing ‘Best from Waste’ self-initiated program in different schools of Kathmandu. It is 3-days training workshop where school-going students are trained to recycle non-degradable products such as plastic bottles, newspapers, straws. Students are encouraged to adapt recycling behavior and also targeted schools are encouraged for declaring ‘Reduced Paper Use School Zone’. This initiative is truly making a difference in young people’s behavior and till date ‘We’ for Change has been successful to organize this program in 5 schools of Kathmandu Valley reaching 1045 students.


‘We’ for Change conducted classes related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Menstrual health and hygiene and Sexual Violence to the young adolescents from 10 different government schools of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur district of Nepal. Our trainees and volunteers have been conducting such classes in various schools targeting adolescents of age group 10 to 16 years with an aim to aware adolescents about their rights and proper health hygiene.