Members meet December

‘We’ for Change in collaboration with Artseum Production organized our first ever basic digital photography session, where we learnt the basics of being a good photographer, creating art, telling stories and sometimes breaking rules to getting that perfect picture.

World AIDS Day 2019

On the occasion of World AIDS Day 2019, ‘We’ for Change in support of AIDS Healthcare Foundation-AHF Nepal organized an awareness class to the students of Shree Siddheshwor Secondary School. The awareness class included informing the students about HIV/AIDS, the staus of HIV/AIDS in Nepal and in the world, its causative agents and ways of prevention.

International Day of Girl Child 2019

Based on this year’s theme, “GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable”,’We’ organized an interaction session among young slum girls, to make these young girls aware about the rights they hold being a girl, ‘We’ for Change in support of AHF Nepal, aims to organize a one day event marking International Day of Girl Child, 2019.
During the interaction program, a short discussion on different rights of girls in Nepal was organized with a special focus on the rights against child marriage, rights on safe abortion, right to education, right to employment and right against any forms of violence. Participants were divided into groups and each group were handed over with 2 case studies having the component of girl’s right. These case studies were then analyzed and
the findings were presented. At the end of the day, the girl’s individual story were captured by the medium of photography along with their opinions on ‘GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable’ which were promoted through the social media platforms of ‘We’ for Change.

International Day of Peace 2019

Based on this year’s theme ‘Climate Action for Peace’, ‘We’ for Change in collaboration with Idea Ghar and Accountability Lab organized ‘Pedal for Green Peace’, a cycle rally event on September 21 to mark ‘International Peace Day 2019’. The program motivated young people to work for sustainable environment and spread awareness for green peace.

Project Proposal Development and Management Training Program

‘Project Proposal Development and Management’ training Program was organized by ‘We’ for Change and Idea Ghar in support of Peace First.The 3-days training program was successful to train young people on the techniques and methods on proposal development where they can identify an injustice and work on solving the injustice to create a bigger impact in the community they live in. The participants worked in teams to identify common issue, set goals, objective and learnt to identify the outcome, output and impact of their proposed projects addressing the issue.

International Youth Day 2019

On the occasion of International Youth Day 2019, ‘We’ marks International Youth Day, month of August with inspiring young minds of Nepal who have contributed on achieving transformation in education in their community from their personal level.

‘We’ for Change in collaboration with Youth Opportunity Nepal also celebrated IYD2019 by organizing a workshop on ‘Learning Opportunities: Transforming Education’. The major purpose of this workshop was to provide spaces to help build abilities in youths to portray their stories as part of transforming education. The workshop was focused mainly to break out the traditional way of teaching learning methods and incorporated elements such as exploring global platforms, opportunities and how to showcase our stories as an applicant in these amazing platforms.

Marking International Youth Day 2019, ‘We’ also organized a one-day workshop; ‘Letter to your Administration’ among the students of Bal Sewa Madhyamik Bidhyalaya. The main aim of the workshop was to discuss the role of young people in transforming education and take in suggestions from the students how teaching system in Nepal can be improvised and made more inclusive.
#IYD2019 #TransformingEducation #WeforChange

Save Earth, Earth Matters

‘We’ for Change together with Idea Ghar conducted ‘Save Earth, Earth Matters’ awareness session and March Against Global Climate Change skit to sensitize the issue of environment pollution and global climate change. The event took place at Kevin Rohan Memorial Foundation.

Member’s Retreat 2019

Together ‘We’ stand tall and proud, together we grow. ‘We’ had our retreat and get together for the batch of 2019 members. During the retreat, we discussed about strategies to grow organization further, planned for further events and bonded together as a team.

March against Global Climate Change


‘We’ for Change has jointly collaborating with Idea Ghar to organize ‘March against Global Climate Change’ from June 2-7, 2019. ‘We’ trekked to Mardi Himal with enthusiastic group of change makers to convey the global message of Climate Change and also embarking this year’s World Environment Day 2019 slogan of change ‘Greening the blue’.

Girl-a-thon: Promoting equal role of Girls/Women in Decision Making


‘We’ for Change in support of Women Democracy Network has successfully completed Girl-a-thon an all women marathon with 100 participants present advocated for equal rights of women in all development and highly politicized male dominant sectors on 25th May, 2019. The event focused on the aim to promote equal role of girls/women in decision making.

Panel Discussion on Women Empowerment: Breaking the Stereotype on Political Leadership


‘We’ for Change had organized a Panel Discussion on Women Empowerment: Breaking the Stereotype on Political Leadership on 28th April, 2019 inviting inspiring females working in political sectors such as Ms. Ranju Darshana, Ms. Lily Thapa and Ms. Bhumika Shrestha. The panel discussion was facilitated by Ms. Bhawana Shrestha. The panel discussion explored ideas to why women don’t have appreciative participation in political leadership and how we can engage young women in political dialogues. The program was conducted with the support of Women Democracy Network and Thames International College.

#Trashtag Challenge

‘We’ for Change for the first time accepted the famous on going #trashtag challenge where ‘We’ cleaned up the vicinity area of Red Cross Marg in Balkumari, Koteshwor on 20th April, 2019. The challenge was accepted by 20 young members of ‘We’ for Change taking the pledge of making our community free from plastic pollution. If you are interested in taking up the challenge yourself then join us.

Member’s meet March

Breaking the Orphanage Myth

For the month of March ‘We’ conducted a small in-house session titled ‘Breaking the Orphanage Myth’ presented by the team of The Himalayan Innovative Society. The session explored the do’s and don’t do’s while visiting an orphanage. We also got a brief insight on the psychology of the children who have been living in orphanage for many years.

Women’s Day 2019#BalanceforBetter

This years women’s day theme was rightly portrayed by our young and enthusiastic members who performed flash-mob stances to spread a positive message that every woman is ‘POWERFUL’, ‘CAPABLE’ and ‘BEAUTIFUL’.
From preparation phase to execution phase these young women were leaders. Women’s day was celebrated as a part of the project GIRL POWER initiated in support of Women’s Democratic Network.

‘We’ welcomes new generation leaders: 2019-2021

‘The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.’
This quote truly resembles the essence of leadership handover ‘We’ for Change has been practicing since 2012. With our 7 years completion, ‘We’ welcomes our new team for the year 2019 – 2021:

Board of Directors (2019-2021)

Ms. Dipika Badal, President
Ms. Anusha Maharjan, Vice President
Mr. Bikram Kharel, General Secretary
Mr. Prayas Kc, Secretary
Ms. Pooja Suwal, Treasurer
Ms. Richa Puri, Program Manager
Mr. Sanush Shakya, Youth Activation Manager

Executive Members (2019-2021)

Ms. Junu Rana Magar, Executive Member
Mr. Sanif Kandel, Executive Member
Mr. Kapil Sigdel, Executive Member
Mr. Rishav Das, Executive Member
Ms. Barsha Yogi, Executive Member

International Condom Day 2019

International Condom Day, 2019 was celebrated with power, breaking stereotypes and inducing awareness among the general masses of Bhaktapur district. The awareness was created by setting up condom tree where the youths would write their hopes and aspiration regarding Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and safe sexual practices. Infotaintment games as condom race, condom quiz and condom photo booth were installed. The program was carried out in support of AIDS Healthcare Foundation Nepal. The program was able to spread awareness related to safe sexual practices and importance of use of condoms over 500+ general public of Bhaktapur.