Digital Mentorship Program 

‘We’ for Change in collaboration with Siree- Gift a Smile, India on 27th December 2020 conducted our Digital Mentorship Program where we organized our Beginner’s Guide to Graphics Designing where the participants learned to create our own personalized posters and postcards using a specialized software. Similarly, under the Digital Mentorship Program we carried out many basic coding session to increase the digital capacity of youths. 

Unleash your potential with Linkedin

Unleash your Potential with LinkedIn was a virtual training organized by ‘We’ for Change in collaboration with Movers Program. The workshop was organized to enhance their networking and branding skills along with getting an edge in grabbing opportunities in future. The program was facilitated by three of leading facilitators and they are: Mr. Rajan Koirala, Mr. Saswat Karki and Mr. Sagar Koirala. 

World AIDS Day

‘We’ for Change celebrated World AIDS Day 2020: Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility in collaboration with AHF Nepal on December 1st by the production of a reaction video named #YoungVoicesforHIV where ‘We’ asked the general public of Kathmandu Valley about their understanding on safe sexual practices, existing myths and taboos and their knowledge on HIV/AIDS. Similarly, we also organized a virtual zoom session titled: Pathway to Ending HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Nepal and Red Ribbon Art Contest.

Power to Poetry

‘We’ for Change called for action for young spoken word poets residing all over Nepal to participate in the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence 2020 with this year’s theme: “Orange the World: Fund, Respond, Prevent, Collect!” The competition was open to all young people of age group 16-29 years of age living in Nepal submitting a poem in a video The initiation has been supported by Plan International Nepal and conducted under the joint collaboration of Nepali Brothers, YUWA, Right Here Right Now- Nepal, Sochai – Youth For Nutrition, Yuwalaya and YAV NEPAL.

International Day of Girl Child 

On the occasion of International Day of Girl Child 2020, ‘We’ team organized a short interaction session on Menstrual Health and Hygiene, busted menstruation related myths and distributed sanitary pads among young girls of Sinamangal, Kathmandu. The program aimed to provide safe spaces to these young girls to share their opinions on Menstrual Health and Hygiene and was organized in support of AHF Nepal. 

International Day of Peace 2020

‘We’ for Change celebrates International Day of Peace 2020: Shaping Peace Together, with our initiation ‘Peace Flags’ where we asked young people all over the world to show hope, solidarity and kindness to each other in these time of adversity and increase harmony by leaving peace messages thus creating a global peace movement. Take a look at what ‘We’ have to say.

COVID-19 and Mental Health

‘We’ for Change in collaboration with Peace First presents an awareness video on COVID-19 and Mental Health where young people of ‘We’ for Change share their ideas about stress coping, ways to promote safe mental health and promote normal responses during these uncertain times of COVID-19. The awareness video also urges people of Nepal to be safe as lockdown has now been uplifted. The Lockdown is over but the COVID-19 is not.

30 Seconds of Action for World Suicide Prevention 2020

We’ for Change under our campaign Distancing but Connecting started our 30 seconds of Action for World Suicide Prevention 2020 and asked young people in Nepal to share their positive messages concering the increased rate of suicide this current year. These young people have united to share their love and positiveness to help create awareness of suicide.

Confidence building and Speaking in Media

‘We’ for Change conducted an hour  long discussion session on ‘Confidence Building and Speaking in Media’ which will be facilitated by Ms. Nishma Dhungana Choudhary, VJ at Himalayan Television & Top 5 Finalist in Miss Nepal 2015. The session helped us boost our confidence and talking in media.

Beginner’s Yoga Course

Keeping in mind the imposed threat on ‘Mental health’ of young people due to pandemic of COVID-19, we have planned to organize ‘3-days basic beginner’s yoga course’ inorder to promote a healthy behavior among young people and enabling them to form a habit of yoga and meditation.

Digital Mentorship Phase I and II

‘We’ for Change codes together with Siree- Gift a Smile India in our first ever joint collaboration: Digital Mentorship Program Phase I and II where young people of ‘We’ for Change were taught how to build a Website and Python programming language with coding experts of India. The session provided an insightful session to our members and we were able to build our own website and learn how to code. 

CV and Resume Writing Session

‘We’ for Change organized its members meet and our Friday session on 15th August where we conducted a virtual CV and Resume writing training session in collaboration with YOUTH CAN and under the facilitation of the expert Ms. Sadikshya Thapa. 

Multi-Stakeholder Hearing and High-Level Meeting on Bejing+25

‘We’ for Change on July 2020 took part in United Nations Multi-Stakeholder Hearing and High-Level Meeting on Bejing+25 where young people of ‘We’ for Change took part for the advocacy in Gender Equality and justice for all.

International Youth Day 

Happy International Youth Day 2020
‘We’ for Change on the occasion of International Youth Day 2020: Youth Engagement for Global Action, has aspired to highlight inspiring, exceptional and prominent works done by young people of Nepal at local and national level and also young people who are working internationally, to strengthen youth voice and youth engagement through our video. ‘We’ for Change extends our appreciation to Peace First  and Alert Fonds for Youth for supporting us for this cause. Let’s what young people of Nepal and all over the globe have to say about it.

Peace First Cafe

‘We’ for Change carried out its first Peacemakers’ Cafe in Kathmandu, Nepal. The event was a meet-and-greet session with peacemakers who have started their journey at Peace First and showcased a chance to share their stories, experience, laughter and evaluate each other’s journey. 

Harassment and Importance of Consent 

‘We’ for Change in support of AIDS Healthcare Foundation-AHF Nepal organized Consent First with the theme ‘Harassment and Importance of Consent’ marking the occasion of International Condom Day 2020 . ‘We’ organized the session with various organizations of Kathmandu which held large number of youths as their work force. The event was organized in collaboration with Red Circle, Karkhana and IT Nepal.

International Condom Day

On February 13, 2020: On the occasion of International Condom Day 2020, ‘We’ for Change in support of AIDS Healthcare Foundation-Nepal organized ‘Condom Festival’. ‘Condom Festival’ comprised of 3 segments; Condom Booth, Condom Olympics and Condom Musial.
The program successfully was able to engage young people to spread awareness on safe sexual practices and use of condoms through the medium of music, dance and games. Also take a look at the day’s event with this video.

Members Orientation 

‘We’ for Change on February 23rd organized our member orientation welcoming the new batch of young leaders for the year 2020. It was a day of togetherness, friendship, trust, laughter and exploring new ideas. ‘We’ welcomed a fresh batch of a total 50 members in the organization who are enthusiastic young leaders of change.

Say Yes to SRHR

‘We’ for Change recently organized ‘Say YES to SRHR’ session among students of Shree Siddheshwar School. The program was able to provide awareness on topics of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights to young adolescents.

International Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020 with the theme: ‘Generation for Equality’ and ‘Each for Equal’, ‘We’ for Change asked simple questions to young people such as Why do you think International Women’s Day is celebrated? What will you do, if you see a girl being sexually/verbally harassed in a public bus? How do you feel when you are not allowed to enter a temple or kitchen when menstruating, would you marry a rape victim? This was what young people of ‘We’ for Change had to say about this sensitive issue.

Say Yes to SRHR

‘We’ for Change carrying out our campaign ‘Say Yes to SRHR’, our organization’s young change-makers went to different schools of Kathmandu valley facilitating sessions on Sexual Rights and Reproductive Health advocating young school going students of age group 12 to 15 years of age. In these sessions the young students were made aware about terms such as Sexuality, Sex Education, their reproductive rights, safe sex, correct use of condoms and abortion laws in Nepal. 

‘We’ celebrates 8th year Anniversary

On March 14th 2020 ‘We’ for Change celebrated our 8th year anniversary. Here’s to all the years of togetherness, happiness, struggles, joy and empowerment. ‘We’ commit to aware engage and young people of Nepal with more years to come. Take a glimpse at few images on how ‘We’ for Change celebrated our 8th year anniversary. 

Distancing but Connecting

‘We’ for Change during these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic has launched our online campaign ‘Distancing but Connecting’ with the aim to promote togetherness, mental well-being, peace within oneself and ways to spread happiness to others. Under this campaign ‘We’ asked some of our young leaders, what they are doing to promote their mental as well as physical wellbeing. Tag us with the #distancingbutconnecting if you are a young person trying to empower other youths like you in these uncertain times. 

10 Questions with Changemakers

‘We’ for Change proudly presents the 3rd episode of ’10 Question with the Changemakers’ under our campaign #DistancingbutConnecting. In this program, ‘We’ will be asking 10 question to the young changemakers to know about their opinions and learn from their experiences. For this program, ‘We’ asked some of our changemakers to some interesting questions. Let’s listen to them and get to know more about their experiences.

Essay Competition

‘We’ for Change as a part of our online campaign ‘Distancing but Connecting’ has been continuously providing spaces for connection, collaboration and has aimed to inspire one another during this global crisis. It gives us immense happiness that so many of you are actively taking part in this campaign and making it a huge success.’We’  decided to open an Essay Contest under the theme Letter from the front: Youths creating action for peaceful borders. The topic was decided concerning the recent border disputes between Nepal and India and ‘We’ strongly believe our voice matters. The essay words limit was: Less than 1000 words.
Also check out the winners of the competition they are: Yagyadi Acharya, Abhishekh Jha, Jibesh Prajapati and Adity Shah

National Webinar: Youth Start Ups

‘We’ are delighted to partner with YOUTH CAN to organize the National Webinar based on the theme ‘Youth and StartUps’, which was organized on 18th May, 2020. The webinar aimed to engage youths in meaningful information sharing regarding startup challenges before and after this pandemic. There were two sessions that took place in the webinar namely:
Session 1: “The ABC of Startup in Nepal” by Mr. Sanjog Koirala, Youth Entrepreneur & Actor
Session 2: (Panel Discussion): “YOUTH & STARTUPs”

Some discussion events and fun with our members

Keeping in mind the current pandemic and the state of isolation we all are feeling, ‘We’ for Change organized series of discussion and fun sessions with our members like: Fun Trivia quizzes and role of youths after pandemic. The events was a way of connecting with our members and to highlight incredible works that young people are doing.

World Environment Day 

‘We’ for Change celebrates World Environment Day 2020: Time for Nature urging young people like you to take action and make your voice matter. This event was a call for action for young change-makers to speak out for the ongoing destruction of our nature and the recent highly controversial Nijgadh International Airport construction that is slated to cut 2.4 million trees and affect many wildlife. Many young people participated virtually and became a part of #FORNATURE movement under our  ‘Face Paint Frenzy’ challenge and letter to earth. Take a look at each of these creations closely. 

COVID-19 Awareness Song

The wait is finally over as ‘We’ for Change proudly presents COVID-19 Awareness Song supported by Peace First. COVID-19 Awareness song is an edutainment song which aims to create awareness on causes, symptoms and preventive measure of COVID-19 in an interactive, educative and fun manner. This awareness song has been prepared based on the preventive guidelines against COVID-19 provided by World Health Organization and Government of Nepal – Ministry of Health and Population. Many thanks to our lyricist Kumar Nyaupane and Prajal Deoju. Thankyou to our awesome singers and musicians; Binay Chepang, Prajal Deoju, Nitu Daiand team. And finally thank-you to the entire team and members of ‘We’ for Change who made this possible. Share it to spread the awareness.

Depression Doesn’t Have a Face

‘We’ for Change in collaboration with Peace First is organized a one-day session on Psychological and emotional health and well-being.
The project was a  virtual awareness session among 35 young people of age group 13-25 of Nepal. This session aimed to help young people in the path of self-discovery and practice for our emotional hygiene and well-being through preparation of personal Emotional First-Aid kit.

Worthy Us

‘We’ for Change in support of Peace First is organized a Virtual Program against Sexual abuse: ‘Worthy us’. ‘Worthy us’ targeted young people of the age group 13-25 years to talk about the increasing rate of women violence specially during this pandemic COVID-19 lockdown. This program held was a discussion-based session where the participants shared their experiences regarding the problem and identify the ways to overcome the injustice of sexual harassment in our communities.

My Health matters: A step towards sound health and well-being

On the ocassion of International Yoga Day 2020, ‘We’ for Change in collaboration with Heal with JOY presents ‘My Health Matters: A step towards sound health and well-being’. We present you the guide towards ‘Virbhadra Asana’ with Ms. Kritica Dhakal. Yoga helps in relaxation of the body and handles the prevention and cure of many ailments and increases the strength, vigour and functioning of all the different organs and systems in the body. Stay Fit | Stay Healthy | Stay Safe

I consume my oxygen

‘We’ For Change have partnered with ‘I Consume My Oxygen’ campaign in collaboration with YOUTH CAN , Damak Municipal Child Network & Shanischare Secondary School to organise 2 days workshop on ‘SDGs and Social Entrepreneurship’ which was a 4-hour fun, interactive and participatory workshop to learn about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and social entrepreneurship, developed by Youth Co:Lab and the ILO .

‘We’ for Change bags UN Solidarity Award

‘We’ for Change is overjoyed to announce that we have received The Solidarity Award by UN SDG Action Campaign for our online campaign ‘Distancing but Connecting’. The campaign was first initiated by Ms. Anusha Maharjan and implemented by the entire team of ‘We’ for Change that has reached many youths over the time span. The purpose of the campaign is to stay united and connected, to inspire young people of the age group 16-24 years and continuously grow together even in this times of crisis.

Program on Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights

With the aim to open a safe space where young people can feel free to discuss and present their feelings and opinions, ‘We’ for Change under our campaign ‘Distancing but Connecting’ hosted a knowledgeable session on ‘Sexual and Reproductive Health’ where young people were able to talk about SRHR related queries, abortion related issues, pregnancies, sexual precautions, STDs and so on. The session was facilitated by youth speaker and medical professional Dr. Anurag Marasini

Are you Safe?

‘We’ for Change presents a short informative video to promote awareness on safe sexual practices and importance of use of condoms. We would like to thank all our members who have participated in making this video. A huge thanks to our members who became actors in the video Ms. Punam Chauguthi and Lotus Adhikari and to our member who is also a director of the short movie Mr. Keshav Adhikari for such a beautiful outcome.