Girl Power was funded by World Democracy Network and is a six month long fellowship program where 15 young girls of diverse educational and professional back ground but with similar agendas come together to create a whirlpool of positive changes in their community through team work, mentor-ship and leadership enhancement. Through this project young girls are oriented and make them known to myriad topics of power and politics, good governance and youth entrepreneurship. Based on their learning these young change-makers will carry out a project of their own to start a ripple effect of positive change in their lives, on their friend’s and families lives and ultimately their whole community.

“Leading is not going out front and hoarding opportunities for yourself, it is about team effort”.

“We will grow together, inspire each other, refine one another and lead for good, starting from right here and right now”.

Women’s Day 2019 #Balanceforbetter

Give skill in the hands of women and they will win the whole nation.

This years women’s day theme was rightly portrayed by our young and enthusiastic members who performed flashmob stances to spread a positive message that every woman is ‘POWERFUL’, ‘CAPABLE’ and ‘BEAUTIFUL’.
From preparation phase to execution phase these young women were leaders. Women’s day was celebrated as a part of the project GIRL POWER initiated in support of Women Democratic Network.

Panel Discussion on Women Empowerment: Breaking the Stereotype on Political Leadership

‘We’ for Change had organized a Panel Discussion on Women Empowerment: Breaking the Stereotype on Political Leadership on 28th April, 2019 inviting inspiring females working in political sectors such as Ms. Ranju Darshana, Ms. Lily Thapa and Ms. Bhumika Shrestha. The panel discussion was facilitated by Ms. Bhawana Shrestha. The panel discussion explored ideas to why women don’t have appreciative participation in political leadership and how we can engage young women in political dialogues. The program was conducted with the support of Women Democracy Network and Thames International College.

Girth-a-Thon: Promoting Equal Role of girls and women in decision making.

‘We’ for Change in support of Women Democracy Network has successfully completed Girl-a-thon an all women marathon with 100 participants present advocated for equal rights of women in all development and highly politicized male dominant sectors on 25th May, 2019. The event focused on the aim to promote equal role of girls/women in decision making.

Fight Like a Girl

On 5th of the July 2019, ‘We’ for Change successfully organized ‘Fight like a Girl’ and provided Self-defense training to the 15 young girls of Koseli Foundation under project ‘Girl Power’.

Girl Power Award Ceremony

On 28th July, 2019, ‘We’ organized Award Ceremony of our project ‘Girl Power’. 12 girl member of our Project Leader Board Committee were declared as the Civic Champions.
Now, these Civic Champions carry the responsibility to aware the people in their level of influence with the importance of civic-political participation
and value of democracy.