Project Code: WFC/TDH-1(Mar14-Feb15)

The major goal of the project is to create awareness among students (10-19 age) of schools of Kathmandu valley regarding effect of ‘Poly Bag’ through peer ecological classes and awareness program.

Polythene bags have been proven as a convenient medium for the school students to carry out their belongings in the school. Therefore, ‘We’ for Change comes up with the idea of Re-use able fabric/ cloth bags to those students for this purpose. Organization also believes to reduce the consumption of ‘Poly Bag’ by the students in the base various software and hardware programs. Here, the project also focuses to create a medium for students, where they can learn about the hazards in the environment through polythene bags and the need for a clean environment.
Schools is the partner and second beneficiaries whereas; students is a partner while working as well as initial beneficiaries of this project.

The major result ‘We’ for Change tries to make adolescent student understand effect of Poly Bag on environment and health of every individual and improve the use of alternative reusable fabric/cloths bag. The Eco club formation and strengthening the capacity of eco club is also major task that ‘We’ for Change do in this project.

Schools the Project is launched:
1. Neric School – Buddhanagar, Kathmandu
2. Uma Maheshwor Secondrary Boarding School – Tikhidewal, Lalitpur
3. A.B. School – Salaghari, Bhaktapur

Project Code: WFC/TDH-2(Oct14-Jun15)

<span “font-size:12.0pt;=”” font-family:”times=”” roman”,”serif””=””>The major goal of the project is o create awareness among young adolescent of Kathmandu Valley regarding ‘Environmental Sustainability’ through ecological classes and awareness programs.

The project aims to reach young adolescents of Kathmandu Valley with ‘Ecological Classes and Awareness Programs’. The targeted schools are governmental schools as well as low- income private schools. As peer education is the effective tools for awareness, this grass root level project will assist to reach out the message for healthy living through environmental preservation. Apart from the school setting, coordination will be sought with other line agencies and stakeholders. ‘Policy level discussion’ with child right activist and schools principals regarding effective functioning of ‘Convention on Right of the Child’ will be done. All the possible coordination and cooperation from the concerned stakeholders will be explored for the sustainability of the program. Collaboration programs with other environmental and child right organization is expected to beneficiary to reach goal of the project. Celebration of International Days, like Universal Children’s Day and World Environment Day will contribute to reach wide audience.

1. Ecological Classes and Infotatiment Workshops at 8 schools of Kathmandu Valley
2. Bagmati Cleanliness Campaign
3. National Dialogue on Convention on Right of the Child – ‘Universal Children’s Day’

Hariyo Pusta at a Glance

Ecological Classes

Hariyo Pusta has been providing ecological classes to the students of government and low income private schools in three districts Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The classes consists of documentary shows, education of 3R, banning the use of plastic bags and issues of the Ecological Rights.

Infotainment Workshop

Along with the ecological classes for knowledge, students are also provided with some entertainment with information which the Hariyo Pusta named as infotainment workshop. The major aim of this workshop is to teach students about learning by doing. This workshop includes programs like free speaking competition, cleanliness campaigns and plantation programs.

Marking the events

Hariyo Pusta since its implementation, have been marking many events associated with children and environment. It celebrates many national and international days such as World Environment Day, National Children’s day, United Nation Convention on the Rights of Child and International Children’s day. The project also collaborates in different events such as Remake Festival and Bagmati Cleanliness Campaign.

Other Activities

Hariyo Pusta have been implementing many activities for the children of the partner schools time and again to involve children in different activities and to aware children about the issues addressed by Hariyo Pusta. Some of the major activities that Hariyo Pusta implements through the projects are :
– Dustbin Distribution Program
– Community Orientation Rally
– Community Drama
– Debate Program
– Painting and Collage making contests