Immediate Relief and Support Materials to earthquake survivors
Shankharapur Municipality, Ward -6 Lambu Danda

After the devastating earthquake of 7.8 magnitude on 25th April, 2015, the country faced a massive destruction in several districts. Among many different places, ‘We’ team identified one of the most affected areas in Shankharapur municipality -6, Sankhu i.e. Lambu Danda. Lambu Danda located few kilometers from Sankhu Market is an extreme affected areas where out of 68 families, almost every family was affected in one way or the other. In no time ‘We’ did a need assessment in the village in our collaboration among board member, general members and volunteers and started the relief work.

The workshop took place on May 29th 2015 which was facilitated by Art Psychotherapist, Ms. Saoni Banerjee. Intended to create a platform where the students could cope up with the stress from the earthquake. The workshop saw 70 active participation of the students of Sankhu Palubari School.
After the workshop, materials such as creative reading and playing materials were distributed to the Child Friendly Space of Lambu Danda.

Workshop on Child Counseling and Art therapy, Uddami Hall

The workshop took place on 28th June 2015 which was facilitated by Art Psychotherapist, Ms. Saoni Banerjee. The one day workshop aimed to provide training to the participates where they could apply these learning in their respective Child Friendly Spaces. Along with this, it created a platform where the participates were also given the opportunity to express themselves through the use of Art.

Football Tournament

The two days football tournament took place on June 5th and June 6th 2015. The tournament was conducted with altogether 4 teams from two of the youth clubs, ‘Bisambhara Youth Club’ and ‘Future Star Youth Club’.
The tournament aimed to help the youths of Lambu Danda to cope up with the stress from the disaster.

Materials for Women with special needs Distributed

On 28th May 2015, ‘We’ distributed materials for women with special needs. Materials were distributed to pregnant and lactating women of the village.
The materials distributed included:
-Massaging oil
-Mixed Beans (Kwati)

Clothes and Blanket Distributed

On 24th May, 2015, ‘We’ headed to Lambu Danda also along with the blankets and clothes. Blankets were distributed to all the 68 families and clothes were distributed according to the need basis i.e. who have their clothes buried under the rubbles and are not in the condition to be used. The clothes like shirt, pant, blouse piece and Lungi.