Dear parents,

I am writing this letter to remind you that you have a daughter. Yes. She is vagina-ist. She has a
vagina and boobs. Perfect two rounds and booty she loves. She is your daughter. You both
conceived her. I am here to jog your memory lane.

Like any parents, you protect her. Oh, you do.

She starts to grow up. She hits her puberty. Her flat chest is not flat anymore. She is beautiful.
You get worried. You ask her where she is heading to. How many friends does she have? Are
they all girls? Vagina-ist? Oh no?? There are boys too? More boy-friends than girls? Red alert!
Be careful.

Infant, child, teenage. She is growing up. You get worried. You share her awful stories of what
happens to vagina owners. She feels scared. She looks down her vagina and wishes things were
easier if she had a penis? Brr. She brushes off the idea. She is straight. No way. But she still
questions her existence as a girl. She thinks the world is cruel. Ruthless. Living monsters.


She wants to work her ass-off. She wants to go beyond what the stereotypical society holds for
girls, because she believes on her hidden wings. But, you get worried. So, you call her, every 1
hour. Ask her where she is. She replies. She replies to every question. Calls you back every 30
minutes before you reach home, just to let you know where she is.

She starts working 8 hours a day. She works in the darkest nights of winter. You get worried. You
constantly remind how scary the world is. “Penis-holders’ v/s vagina-ist? Penis-holders are the
winner, my child. You are weak. You are vulnerable. You are our child. We love you. Come
home early.”

She meets new friends. She talks to them. She meets guys. She meets girls. She has a boyfriend.
She learns the true virtue of men. Penis-holder has a name- Men. He shows you the meaning of
men. He makes her meet his men-friends. They respect her. Real Men.

She makes a world of her own. A world with men and women both. True men and true women.
They inspire her. They show her sides; a girl can be. She starts weaving her wings. You,
You. Get. Worried.

You share her stories about rapes, sexual assault, groping and kidnapping. Penis-holders are
Stop. Please.

The world is not all that. She knows there are monsters. She knows. Not everyone is safe. Not
everyone is vulnerable. She understands your love. She does not understand your fear. Believe
her. She has woven her own wings. She is careful. She has never forgotten her values.
Stop. Please.

Tell her, assure her, she is in the safest hands of her friends. If not, teach her to fight. Don’t teach
her ways to run away. Tell her to use her wings but to be careful of the scissor-holders, not penis-
holders. Talk to her about your life and real struggles. The courage and efforts you faced to raise

Teach her to be a fighter…

With best regards,
Daughter (Fighter)