The buzz of nationalism and patriotism is on a rise once more as Indian government inaugurated a road in our disputed area of Kalapani. Time and again Nepal has been a victim of big brother attitude of India which has been unacceptable to citizens mainly youths of the Himalayan nation. Backed by a history and identity of brave Gorkhali Nepalese youths have time and again revolted from streets to social media to ensure national integrity and border security of its motherland.
Time and again we have been a victim of segregation and have been disconnected due to ethnicity, religion, geography political ideology In such circumstances a stab on national integrity by a foreign force is also an opportunity to strengthen our national unity and connection. Protection of national interest against foreign force has been an old subject but changing paradigm shifts manifest it in different feature and character. Whether it be the Ranas, King or the political leaders all have one way or the other compromised on national integrity whether it be national borders rivers, hydropower projects or other national development projects to secure their power and position. Modern twenty first century stands for an era when we can see plenty of international examples of populist leaders using nationalist agendas to justify their anti constitutional acts. Leaders are busy portraying themselves as the biggest nationalist Nepal has ever seen. Our leaders who stood quiet when the encroachment happened or those we were actually a part of this process creating are the ones creating unnecessary buzz and playing a hypocrite game with our innocent feelings. Speeches and tweets on intolerance of border encroachment even by an inch have been used as a political shield to defend their illegitimate and corrupt acts. Major role of youth lies in understanding the intensity and gravity of this conflict and presenting ourselves in a matured way. Sometimes we get easily misled by false news, exaggerated facts and opinions of immature media houses. One area that we youths have been often criticized is that we lack maturity to handle intense issues. Let this conflict be an opportunity where we present our stands in a mature and justifiable way. Let us no way tolerate this misogamy but also understanding that hate speech and discrimination towards a country or a group of people is not the way out.
Currently global state practice is more characterized by diplomatic handling of issues rather than by use of force or coercion. The same goes with us as well. In situation where we share thousands of kilometers of open border, issues with regards to border in various forms arose in the past, is an evolving issue at the present and will continue in the near future as well. Nepal having established itself as peace loving nation enlightened by the glory of Lord Buddha war or any kind of armed conflict should not be an option we should opt for. This is an excellent opportunity for youths to equip our political leaders with diplomacy and negotiation skills and provide them with viable options that Nepal government should explore. Our elected representatives may not be well aware about diplomacy and may lack bargaining capacity but that should no way be the cause for Nepal’s failure to present its claims or stands at the international level.
Bombs and pistols do not make revolution but united thoughts and ideologies do. We cannot just sit back and watch our nation being encroached. As youths we must stand and fight against it, not by guns, not by wars but through peaceful diplomacy. Let us not allow this issue be settled unless a conclusion is reached. Let us constantly remind our representatives that we have elected them to secure our borders and if they fail to do they will get our response through the ballot paper. Let us not be divided by political ideologies and try to protect and cover the past guilty action of a particular political party. This is not the time for internal chaos or division. Let us learn to identify fake populist nationalist and a real patriot. Our stands must be clear; this generation is going to do whatever it takes to protect our borders, peaceful action is our priority our generosity but not be our weakness. If our peaceful negotiation is neglected or unanswered we are ready to raise weapons. As Bhismapitamaha before his death said ‘Nothing is greater than one’s motherland, no duty is more important than protection of national interests. One must do everything and anything to protect its nation’.
Jay Nepal