Life began like a seed in womb of mother continues till death
May be after death
In someone’s heart, memories
“Life is a continuous process”

Life is light always tries to be bright
May have load shedding

Life is a sky, never definable
Can’t be always clear but have flying bird
Or dark cloud with silver lining

Life just never forgets to amaze us with sadness or with happiness
With fullness or with emptiness,
With brightest smile or with deepest pain

Life is expressible or just not

Life is river which continues to flow where, how don’t know
But flows
Meets ocean??
Don’t know.

Life: a non-existing ladder, straight, bent, curved or none
You climb, you go up
If you don’t, you stay down

Life, a flower
Can be picked by anyone
Can be used to decorate
Or to express sympathy

Some say life is money
Either you spend or earn it

Life, a boon or a curse

Life, an existence of living
Life, full of thoughts, full of pain, full of gain, full of sorrow
Just nothing

Life is what you think it is
For me, Life is weather
You predict what it would be
Sometimes it is right, sometimes wrong
You enjoy with pain or gain.

By: Kabita Thapa