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Let’s Meditate

An interactive learning platform where you can dive deeper into learning ways to promote self-love, self-awareness, mindfulness, meditation and yoga, acquiring the techniques of cyber fasting and limiting social media anxiety disorder.

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About Course

Let’s Meditate is an online course which aims at bringing mental wellbeing in the young generation through the medium of meditative process, mindfulness, self-love and self-awareness. The online course is designed as an interactive platform through which one can explore methods of understanding oneself better, major techniques of meditation, finding inner peace, cultivating self-awareness, self-love and mindfulness through interactive videos, presentations, weekly challenges and exercises and other valuable reading resources provided from the experts in the respective fields.

What can you expect from the course ?

In the course, you can expect to find:

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For 500 NRs. you will have access to:

Course Curriculum

PART I: Let’s Begin

PART III: Social Media Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

PART V: Wrapping up!!

PART II: Self-Awareness and Self- Love

PART IV: Meditation and Mindfulness

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