Members Corner


May, 2019 Barsha Gautam

I believe every little experience shapes us who we become in the near future and I learn from every little steps, every little mistakes to never repeat them again. I have been part of ‘We’ for Change since 2019 and I have participated in many events of the organizations such as Girl-a-thon, flash mob, panel discussion and World Environment Day 2019. Being a part of these events has helped me become a better person. A feeling that makes me believe that can be a driving force to aware, engage and empower youths.


April, 2019 Sanif Kandel

‘We’ for Change has been an important part of my teenage life. It has taught me to build connections and interactions with a wide array of people. I have also been elected as the newest member of the executive committee for the year 2019-21 and hope to carry out projects that inspires young people. Become the voice for the voiceless.


March 2019 ​Punam Chauguthi

​’We’ for change, the word we is filled with full of joy, happiness, learning and experiences. Being the part of ‘We’ family is like the feeling of being with crazy peoples without any hesitation and shyness. That’s the part of entertainment. ‘We’ is the platform to shape your career with the experiences and learning you gain from the family. You can make mistakes and learn from the mistakes with full of energetic youth colleague. ‘We’ for Change has given me so much and taught me that sharing is the greatest asset and quality that one can have in their lives.


February, 2019 Rishav Das

​When I think about ‘We’ for change AHF project was indeed the best part of platform provided by ‘We’ for change for me. I would personally say that we for change is best place to get extraordinary moment, meet extraordinary people and know extraordinary ideas. There is always something to learn from ‘We’ for Change, either it is about managing budget, managing an event. I feel that you must be courageous enough to ask what you learn and there are so many people working at ‘We’ for Change voluntarily or involuntarily who will support you at your every step.


January, 2019 ​Ms. Junu Thapa

Being involved in ‘We’ for Change gave me a whole new experience of exploring myself and people around me. I got to learn about leadership, team work and moral values which helped me in problem solving skills and working in group. I learned how youth can make positive impact in community by helping them fulfilling their needs and creating awareness about social issues.
I have participated in many programs with ‘We’ for Change for a social cause such as AHF free testing and councelling, Redvouge fashion show, Flashmob and so on. If you are hesitant to involve yourself in any social organization then I urge you to join ‘We’ family because you will learn so much by being here and contributing here.


November, 2018 Mr. Sunzeev Chhetri

I hope you know what it feels to be alone and not know what decisions to make. But I find myself lucky enough to have found ‘We’ for Change , to have been acquainted with best friends and families. Best part of ‘We’ family is that there no one in a superior hierarchy, every one is a friend who will support you and guide you. I can never forget dancing before a huge mass and even shooting for the music video of AIDS Health Care foundation. Under the very same project I got the opportunity to visit Bardiya, Kanchanpur and Surkhet for HIV/AIDS testing and counselling. I cannot explain my journey in one paragraph but these are few special moments of ‘We’ journey. Always be a part of the family and I know ‘We’ for Change will always be too.


October, 2018 Ms. Junu Rana Magar

Working as a member of ‘We’ for Change has been a life changing experience with a lot of memories and exposures to learn new things daily. ‘We’ for Change has provided youths with diverse level of opportunities where we could create a new self along with the development of confidence and positive attitude. And among those youths I am also the one who will be working for the betterment of society with the help of each other. And I would forever be grateful towards each and every member of ‘We’ for Change and the organization itself for motivating youths like us to march towards a better future.


August, 2018 ​Mr. Kapil Sigdel

‘We’ for change has always remained a small family for me. With the help of this platform I have been able to make so many good friends, friends for life kind of friends. I have been learning new things that were always unknown in my perspective. I had a fear of mass communication in past, before my hands would shake and speech would shiver but after continuous practice that ‘We’ has made me go through I am still not a perfect individual but at least I have the courage to go speak heads on and give my 110%. Join us and see for yourself, this is truly an amazing family.


July, 2018 Ms. Kabita Thapa

‘We’ for Change is family, there is no feeling of superiority, no feeling of domination and guess what? there you don’t even have to tell sir’s and madam’s its always didi, bahini, dai and bhai. And if you don’t know anything be it proposal writing, a simple article formatting or anything else, there is always a senior who is ready to help you. Being a part of ‘We’ family was one of the biggest achievement of my life. Meeting new friends, creating ideas and playing with them, participating in programs would otherwise be impossible without ‘We’ for Change.


June, 2018 Ms. Sheela Bhatta

‘We’ for Change has been one of the best decision of my life. It has been a great platform to experience and learn new things. The friendly and welcoming nature of the board members provides environment to learn without hesitation.The opportunities provided by ‘We’ for Change has helped me grow. It has made me daring and ready to  get out of my comfort zone. I know it is hard to manage your studies and equally be involved in other activities but community service and working for others is just worthwhile. And ‘We’ for Change is just the right step for you, may be to bring your crazy ideas or your initiation.
“It’s you who starts a change so, suit up, adjust your specs, get your game face on and be the change”.


May, 2018 Ms. Simran Shrestha

‘We’ for change, a vision which drives the Youth in the right direction. It is a circle of people where diversities in ethnicity, aggregates of talents with varieties of perception and a learning platform surrounded by enthusiastic mentors. I feel glad to be a part of this organization. It is an incredible opportunity for me where I can share my abnormal ideas and shape it towards perfection. If there’s anything called organization “First Love”, it’s ‘We’ for me. I believe, ‘We’ for change is that family, which has not only uplifted me in developing leadership qualities or socializing with new environment but also helped me to ‘Think Different; Think smart’. ‘We’ for change, ‘We’ for society.


April, 2018 Mr. Prayas K.C.

When I first visited ‘We’ for Change I saw youths, taking initiation for the welfare of the people and the society, it made me feel small and I realized there were better people out there than me. This made me more inquisitive of about what happens at ‘We’. Then I got chance to be a part of Cycle Rally held on World’s Tuberculosis Day 2017. I was delighted to volunteer in World Environment Day 2017.

Then I finally started my journey together with ‘We’ for change as a member thinking I could change the world slowly, few steps at a time. In International Condom Day 2018, I was very fortunate to be the CONDOM BOY which taught me to accept the problems that comes in our life whatsoever is the situation we are facing. I learnt that we should never hesitating to do the things which may be new for everyone.

Try it, dare it. How can you live when you are always afraid to die?

My journey with ‘We’ family has been one of the unforgettable journey which will never end but only prosper in the days to come.


March, 2018 ​Ms. Aasma Pudasaini

The first time I stepped inside “We for change” was during the membership interview. I thought it was going to be a boring chit-chat with vague questions asked by some serious looking top members. However, it was the exact opposite and I felt like I was being a part of a team. “We” team presented the same enthusiasm. Afterwards, I had the privilege of joining the MUN workshop and getting to know fellow members and enthusiastic ‘We’ core team.
​Joining “We for change” has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I can’t wait to engage in other programs yet to come.


February, 2018 Mr. Aatish Mali

HIV Testing project for me at Sindhuli district was wonderful experience with lots of fun full learning.Despite the first project experience outside the valley, super-friendly and understanding environment created it as more like a tour than project. It was the platform all about exploring my interest and discovering opportunity towards social work on guidance with beautiful peoples around me. It was a medium where I got to experience the Socio-economic condition of people living at Sindhuli. I am very thankful to ‘We’ for CHANGE team for providing me the opportunity to engage, learn and explore the ideas.