Last year during this time, ‘We’ were set to collect resolutions from you to see what you had in stored for yourself in 2017. I hope you achieved what you had set out for.

Years add up in our lives and we scribble our goals into words for the year (and forget, that’s what happens for most of us).

We set goals. We set targets. We dream about our dream. We set goals to buy a house in the future, dream to become a millionaire, buy cars and all the expensive luxuries you can imagine of.

Today, as you read this, ask yourself, ‘Are our goals limited to materials? Is earning money your only motivation? Should money be your ONLY motivation?’
Hey, don’t get me wrong. Money drives you to work but is it the only force?
Stop setting goals that are too materialistic. In the end what is the purpose of all the bills you have in your wallet, or cards, if you do not have a single person to share your meal with.

Stop wasting your time trying to prove and please people. Why give a space for negativity, when you can fill that space with other beautiful thing? 10 years down the line, when you look at the mirror and see your reflection, what is that one word you would want to say to you?

Work for that ‘Word’. Work to better self. What the other correspondent says doesn’t matter, what matters is what your own reflection will say to you.