720 Mobile Transportation Workers Reached



Outloud is a youth initiative, which aims to intervene healthy behavior pattern of 700 mobile transportation workers of different routes of 15 different districts of Nepal. Targeted transportation workers will receive training and will in turn become advocates of safe sex and HIV stigma reduction, affecting thousands of people in Nepal.

The project is designed with two aspects that will incorporate components of behavioral change communications and mass awareness. In the component of behavioral change communications, a specific manual will be developed to train 700 mobile transportation workers of 15 different districts. The 1.5 hours of manual for three days will comprise yoga, focused group discussions and information hub that will be executed on feasible time for transportation workers. In BCC section, project ensures of having the workers in access to yoga, information, condoms and all the supportive services, which enables them to have safer sex and reducing the stigma of HIV and AIDS.

In the component of mass awareness, trained mobile transportation workers will be sensitized for the creation and composition of Dohori song about reducing the stigma of HIV and AIDS. Dohori is a Nepali folk music composing of male and female singer that consists of quick and witty poetry. This dohori song will be based on facts, causes and prevention on HIV and AIDS. The song will also be played in public transportation of Kathmandu Valley making aware about HIV and AIDS for more than 94,900 commuters per year.

Outloud Destination

December 2015-December 2016

Starting from the first day of training held back in December, we have covered 10 routes around the major cities of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. As our first phase we have given our formal training to 152 drivers associated within these routes, bringing behavioral changes and awareness among these mobile transport workers. With communication and sharing we’ve build a chain network within family and friends teaching and learning safe sex practices, and increased awareness in right alert towards their reproductive health.
Our second phase included the successful release of condom song aiming to sensitize the youths about safe sex practices, and HIV/AIDS awareness. ‘Condom Song’, is an infotainment song which is made to increase awareness on safe sex practices and increased use of condoms. The lyrics of the song are taken from the transport workers themselves, containing basic facts, prevention and control of HIV/AIDS. This song is being played in media, micro spaces and is already trending on YouTube, providing awareness to 94,900+ commuters per year.

January 2017-December 2017

After the success of spreading awareness among 150 mobile transportation workers of Kathmandu, Lalitpur an Bhaktapur district. ‘We’ for Change team has now been moving forward to aware transportation workers in the neighboring areas of Kathmandu district in the year 2017. This year, our team provided awareness related to HIV/AIDS to 180 transportation workers of 10 different routes of outskirts of Kathmandu district.

  • Panauti

  • Dulikhel
  • Chapali
  • Aakashedhara
  • Hattiban
  • Chucchepati
  • Airport
  • Lubhu
  • New Road
  • Godawari

January 2018 – December 2018

Outloud now is moving to two different districts of Narayani zone. ‘We’ will be organizing 10 Outloud trainings at Chitwan and Makwanpur district till December 2018. This year Outloud will be targeting 180 mobile transportation workers of these two districts. Till date, ‘We’ have provided HIV/AIDS training to 180 transportation workers of 10 different routes of Narayani zone which are:

  • Padampokhari, Makwanpur
  • Bhimphedi, Makwanpur
  • Kamane, Makwanpur
  • Manahari, Makwanpur
  • Narayangad, Chitwan
  • Kasara, Chitwan
  • Parsa, Chitwan
  • Chure, Makwanpur
  • Hatiya, Makwanpur
  • Bhainse, Makwanpur

January 2019 – December 2019

Project Outloud!! this year is moving to 10 different places of Province no. 5. ‘We’ will be organizing 10 training events in these 10 places till December 2019. Till date ‘We’ have provided training to 72 transportation workers of 4 different places of Province no. 5 which are

  • Ghorahi, Dang
  • Lamahi, Dang
  • Sunwal, Nawalparasi
  • Ratanpur, Nawalparasi
  • Buspark, Butwal
  • Sukkhanagar, Butwal
  • Jaycees Chowk, Butwal
  • Devdaha
  • Tilittama
  • Traffic Chowk, Butwal

Outloud Vlogs

Our 2nd Journey to Bhimphedi, Makwanpur

1st Journey to Padampokhari, Hetauda


Thank you for your interest in OutLoud project! We are humbled and grateful that you have devoted time and interest in our project. Please contact for possible collaboration.