Project Description

Bivuti, President of ‘We’ for Change, is someone who loves thinking up innovative and dynamic ideas. If you are the same, you will probably find yourself chatting for hours with her! Bivuti brings wide-ranged expertise to ‘We’ for Change with her 5+ years of service. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Development Finance, Bivuti strives to help youths to engage in critical contemporary issues affecting different sectors, manage and lead more effectively, collaborate and exchange solutions, and achieve greater impact in their communities. Bivuti now applies her diverse leadership experiences to help identify emerging trends, engage in critical policy issues, exchange proven practices, and advance youth-led missions through advocacy.

Area of Interest:

Youth Leadership & Capacity Building | Youth Entrepreneurship & Economic Development | Green Economy & Financing

Favorite quote:

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” — Nelson Mandela