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Hariyo Pusta (Green Generation)

'We' are Resilient. 'We' are Loud. 'We' are Hariyo Pusta.

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‘Hariyo Pusta’ is a youth-initiative, which has been strengthening and promoting climate change adaptation, mitigation, and climate responsive sustainable urban planning through informative sessions, eco-club formation and mass plantation programs. In 2022, Hariyo Pusta’s young team worked in 7 municipalities of emerging cities in Nepal to boost greenery, mitigate the consequences of climate change and encourage youth- led climate initiatives. We have directly reached over 1489 students of 21 schools and formed 21 eco-clubs (Hariyo Pusta club) all over Nepal. We have successfully organized youth-focused cycle rallies followed by plantation activity in unused open spaces of the municipalities. Hariyo Pusta, a name widely adored by Nepalese people, is a movement for sustainable prosperity, justice and inclusion.

Consultation meetings with experts from Tribhuvan University, Ministry of Forest and Environment and other institutions advocating for climate action, sustainable urban planning and development, and youth-centered training was conducted. Project areas from 7 provinces were chosen using expert’s advice and analysis.

Training the Next Generations of Climate Activists

Hariyo Pusta reached all 7 provinces of Nepal with the help of 7 Provincial Project In- charges (PPIs) who were young locals (ages 16-24 y/o) of the region. PPIs were selected through open call for applications and competitive interview in July. The Provincial Project In-charges attended a series of expert-led sessions in August where they received training on how to effectively deliver their advocacy plan. The virtual workshop equipped the participants with knowledge on climate change mitigation and adaptation plans/policies of Nepal, climate justice, sustainable urban planning, and plantation techniques.

Building Generations with Green Values

1489 students from 21 schools received 3-hour interactive knowledge session. PPIs facilitated this session to help students understand why we need climate action now, how it’s hampering them as well as other innocent youths and children in Nepal and how they can be advocates of climate action in their community. The session covered topics such as effects of climate change and greenhouse gases on Earth’s climate, adaptation and mitigation strategies by youth, climate justice, role of youth in nature protection, concept of 5Rs in waste management, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and United Nation’s Conference of Parties (COP).

Investing in Student-led Initiatives

The Government of Nepal promulgated a Green School Directive in 2018 directing all schools of Nepal to embrace green practices and create environmentally friendly schools. Hariyo Pusta supports this initiative to advocate learning outside confined walls of a classroom and build eco-smart schools for green generation.

21 Hariyo Pusta clubs (eco-club) were formed with 5 committee members-President, Vice-president, General Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer and general members. Hariyo Pusta clubs have 13-15 total members and one club supervisor (school administration or teacher) as guidance counselor. In some schools, Hariyo Pusta clubs were newly formed while in some of the schools inactive existing clubs were revived as Hariyo Pusta club as per school’s recommendation. Hariyo Pusta clubs, in support of PPIs, led 1-day plantation event in their school periphery with other students at their school. 21 school plantation events were organized by Hariyo Pusta Clubs where they planted saplings of locally adored species and high oxygen giving plants. The school management and the Hariyo Pusta club members managed the plantation tools from their homes and schools.

Pivot towards Green Mobility

Hariyo Pusta organized cycle rallies in 7 provinces of Nepal to encourage green mobility and to address climate change in the transport sector through mitigation and adaptation. The event was organized in collaboration with local CSOs, youth organizations, youth volunteers, traffic offices and municipality offices.

The participants cycled to a barren area or park and planted tree saplings in coordination with the local government office. Members of Hariyo Pusta club, youth volunteers together with gardener are taking care of the plant. Videos of the events has been posted in social media of partners and has received good responses from the audience. Some of the events have been covered by local news agencies as well.

Rising to the Challenge!

Air Quality Detector is an environmental sensing device, which lets school students measure their local environmental data, such as humidity and air pollution. The device will be distributed to the 7 Hariyo Pusta clubs of 7 schools (1 school per province) in February.

PPIs will teach Hariyo Pusta clubs on how to use the device and the club members will start collecting the data from March 2023.

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