Project Description

Hariyo Pusta (Green Generation)

Project ‘Hariyo Pusta’ is a youth-initiative which aims to strengthen and promote climate change adaptation, mitigation, and climate responsive sustainable urban planning through various activity-based approaches. This initiative aims to encourage youth and local governments to actively participate in the sustainable development and develop sustainable urban planning strategies and policies in 7 urban cities of 7 provinces in Nepal to boost greenery and mitigate the consequences of climate change.

Provincial Project Incharges (PPI) were chosen from 7 different provinces to assist in the smooth implementation of all activity-based approaches at the local level. The selected PPIs were trained about climate change mitigation and adaptation, climate justice, sustainable urban planning, how to operate and manage data from the Smart Citizen Kit, and the prerequisites of oxygen-giving plants and plantation techniques.

Provincial Project In-Charges

Following the training, 21 schools will be finalized, with 3 schools (2 public and 1 private) from each province where the PPI will conduct workshops for school students. Following the workshop, students will be educated about the formation of an Eco-Club (Hariyo Pusta) in their school, how its general members will carry out the plantation program, and how committee members will lead climate change advocacy activities in their region in collaboration with two other schools. PPIs will work with local governments and institutions to organize a one-day cycle rally in each of the seven provinces, followed by a plantation event on the same day. On the event day, participants will pedal to a predetermined barren area where they will plant tree saplings with event volunteers to revitalize the land and protect nature from environmental devastation.