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Project Girls Against GBV

Project Girls Against GBV ‘We’ for Change in a joint effort with Peace First had organized a flash mob program conducted by mobilizing youths of Galyang Municipality on April 8, 2021, under the initiation of our member Keshav Adhikari.The program was named ‘Project Girls Against GBV’. It was conducted at Galyang Municipality and was supported by GSO (Galyang Social Organization).   Photo Gallery


Self Defense for LGBTQI

Self Defense for LGBTQI The projected was conducted by 'We' for Change under the support of Peace First where LGBTI youths of age group 13 to 21 years were helped to strengthen their self-confidence, whilst develop awareness level of school-going students about LGBTI in order to change their stereotypical thinking about different sexual orientation through the medium of self-defense classes. The project was led and executed by Ms. Simran Shrestha, Prayas KC, Sebika Shahi and Bivuti Basnet.


ActionT (Together for Global Action)

ActionT (Together for Global Action) 'We' for Change celebrated International Youth Day 2020: Youth Engagement for Global Action with the support of Peace First and Alert Fund for Youths. Our project ActionT (Together for Global Action)  aspired to highlight inspiring, exceptional and prominent works done by young people locally, nationally and globally to strengthen youth voice and youth engagement through our video.


COVID-19 Awareness Song

COVID-19 Awareness Song COVID-19 awareness song was a COVID-19 response initiated by ‘We’ for Change under the support of Peace First. The song is an edutainment song which was produced by young people themselves to create mass awareness on COVID-19. The song broadcasted the symptoms, ways to be safe, ways of washing hands and other preventive measures that can be adopted to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 through the medium of music. Take a look at the song below.


Project Balsanchar

Project Balsanchar Project Balsanchar was carried out by 'We' for Change under the support of Peace First. The project Balsanchar means ‘Information to the Child Rights’ was successfully completed to address the void in knowledge among hundred school going young adolescents of age group 13 to 16 years age. Sessions on human right, civil rights, political right, policies and information regarding institutions in Nepal that can help protect child right were provided during the session. The project gave further courage among these young people to stand against violence and social injustice. The project was implemented by Mr. Suman Ghale and his team who is the trainee of 'We' for Change.


Project Shield

Project Shield Project shield was carried out by 'We' for Change under the support of Peace First. The project was organized among Autistic children and caretaker of autistic children that aimed on providing awareness session to 30 autistic children to raise the sentiment of anti-harassments. The session used art therapy as a medium to explore sexual harassment stories the children might have experienced, bad touch and good touch that could easily be resonated among the autistic children. The project also focused on creating awareness among the caretakers about the possible harassment that autistic children can go through and ways to limit it. The project was carried out Ms. Ashma Aryal and her team who were the trainee of 'We' for Change.


Beat the Plastic Pollution

Beat the Plastic Pollution The project 'Beat the Plastic Pollution' was initiated by 'We' for Change under the support of Peace First. The project brought together young students of grade 8 and 9 of Phaplu Community School, Solukhumbu where they were provided  with awareness  about plastic pollution and alternatives that can be used instead of plastics. The project also taught techniques of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to these young school going children so as to enable them to project their environment. The students in this projects were also trained to make paper bags inorder to reduce the use of plastic bags that was hugely polluting the surrounding environment of Solukhumbu. The project was led by 'We' for Change's member Ms. Pem Diki Lama. 


Project Samlagna

Project Samlagna Project Samlagna: 'Involvement for Empowerment' was 3-days intensive training designed to develop interpersonal soft skills among people with disabilities. The project was successfully led by Ms. Sabitri Poudel and her team. It was organized in coordination with Blind Youth Association Nepal to promote the soft skills among disable people.


Depression doesn’t have a face

Depression doesn't have a face The Project depression doesn't have a face was organized by 'We' for Change under the support of Peace First where we ran mental health awareness campaign to school going students of Kathmandu and covered the topics such as depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, ways of increasing self love and care.  The project also developed a video named 'Depression doesn't have a face' emphasizing the importance of mental health and reaching as many as 2,000 youths to strengthen the mental health awareness campaign.  The project was initiated by Ms. Pooza Suwal. 


Project Smile

Project Smile 'We' for Change in collaboration with Peace First organized 'Project Smile' under the initiation of our executive member Mr. Rishav Das. The project was an oral hygiene health awareness program conducted at Kanchanrup Municipality of Saptari district. Bad oral hygiene condition of many children living in the vicinity areas are falling prey to many dental illness which us severely affecting their mental as well as physical health alongside affecting their education, 'Project Smile' tried to tackle this injustice from the community.

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