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Grief Speaks

Grief Speaks Grief Speaks was a 3 days psychological counseling project carried out in Kathmandu, Nepal under the support of Peace First. Where young orphan children of age group 8 to 15 years given 3 days intensive counseling sessions, they were asked to share their story and an effort was carried out to ease their mental state through the medium of art therapy. The project was initiated by 'We' for Change's member Ms. Ashwini Pudasaini.


Let’s Light Hope for Peace

Let's Light Hope for Peace On the ocassion of International Peace Day, September 21, 2018, 'We' for Change in support of Peace First organized a flying lantern festival named 'Lets Light Hope for Peace' addressing this year's theme 'The Right to Peace'.  During this event 200+ youths participated at UN Park Nepal to spread a positive and hopeful message of peace for a better and stable Nepal. "Peace is not that far, just stretch out your hands and find someone else's there; work hand in hand and there you will find the long sought out Peace" was a statement said by Ms. Anusha Maharjan who initiated the project.


Blood Speaks

Blood Speaks The project 'Blood Speaks' under the thematic area Active Lifestyle and Well-Being and Menstrual Hygiene Management was a two day menstrual hygiene awareness campaign carried out in Jumla, Western Nepal in Province Number 6 with support of Peace First. This project assimilated 100 participants of this region inclusive of school going girls of age group 13 to 18 years of age as well as mother groups. The main motto of this project was to address the existence of negative and superstitious belief and tradition regarding 'Chaupadi' pratha as well as to aware and engage women and girls of this regions regarding menstrual hygiene. The project Blood Speaks was initiated by 'We' for Change's member Ms. Angisha Basnet.


Pahal: Justice for Green Generation

Pahal: Justice For Green Generation "Nature has its capacity of reviving itself but let's not test the limits, we are free to do so, only at the cost of mass extinction of human race". Pahal: Justice for Green Generation was a project conducted under the initiation of 'We' for Change in support of Peace First in 2018. The project consisted of three separate rally being conducted in the vicinity of Kathmandu Valley to urge the government to speed up the road construction work to limit the prevalent air pollution in the capital city which is severely harming the health of its inhabitants. The project Pahal has directly sensitized 1,000 daily moving commuters in vehicles, motor bikes and pedestrians with its three consecutive rally organized in Kathmandu valley. It has also brought the attention of Ministry of Road Department to speed up the road construction processes.


Be the change discriminate None

Be the Change Discriminate None To reduce the stigma relating to discrimination of the LGBTQI community of Nepal, 'We' for Change in support of Peace First, under the leadership of 'We' member Aastha Subedi had condeucted the project in Padhma kanya school of Kathmandu. During this project the students of age group 13-21 years of age were informed to limit the stigma associated when it comes to being LGBTQI and stop the prevalent discrimination through the medium of art therapy



Paincho The concept of project "Paincho" came up with the main idea of "giving the wanted". The project "Paincho" was implemented targeting twelve street children in the support of Peace First and in collaboration with Underprivileged Children Education Nepal (UCEP). This project focused in providing food, to aware young children about harmful use of dendrites and their negative impact on their health. This project was conducted to help these destitute kids both psychologically and through providing them opportunities to express themselves in respect to education, sports and mindfulness. The project focused on using art therapy and story sharing to involve the children and promote their well-being.


Unfolding Peace

Unfolding Peace Rohingya, known as the world's most persecuted minority group were not recognized as one of the country's 135 ethnic groups in Myanmar. After many years of violence and disputes, thousands of Rohingya have fled to neighboring countries such as India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal and so on after the conflict of 2012. Around 650 Rohingya people are recently living in Nepal but the government of Nepal has not till this date recognized them as urban refugees. The number of Rohingya living in Nepal range from 367 people living in Kapan area of Kathmandu and others scattered all over Nepal. The refugees are deprived of their human rights, right to education, right to vote, right to freedom and many other activities which have continuously exploited their living condition. Thus, with the project 'Unfolding Peace' we want to uplift the present situation of children in their community. Children who should

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