Project Description

Udemy Girls

Project ‘Udemy Girls’ is a youth-led initiative which aims to organize informative sessions on SRHR, menstrual hygiene management and extensive pad-making training to 20 young menstruators of Sindhuli District with informative booklets; advocacy and leadership training with business development and social media advocacy sessions. The program focuses on increasing menstruator’s access to locally manufactured affordable, hygienic and eco-friendly-reusable pads and motivating all genders to advocate for a dignified period without any shame and hesitance. Our program intends to ensure women, girls, and all menstruators feel comfortable and confident during their periods, which in turn will make them more likely to advocate for themselves, excel in school/work, and start conversations about menstruation that may mitigate societal stigma.

Workshop I: Reusable Pad-Making Training

All 20 participants were given a brief overview of the training modules and program objectives. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights experts led informative sessions on women’s reproductive health, different menstrual products, and hygiene, along with various interactive games. A brief discussion was held about how COVID-19 has affected our sexual and reproductive health and how we can improve it in the privacy of our own homes. Concurrently, 20 participants attended a reusable pad-making training workshop on the prerequisites of pad making and its required materials, cutting and sewing techniques, and usage methods. An experienced pad-making expert led the reusable pad-making training workshop.

Workshop II: Business Development and Social Media Advocacy Training

The participants learned how to train other girls/women in their community using the skills they gained from vocational training. Participants learned about advocacy and influencing techniques through social media/s using powerful toolkits. They improved their knowledge and confidence through business development training. All the participants of workshop and reusable pad making training received an official certificate that validated their completion of pad-making training and certified them as pad-making trainers. Throughout and after the workshop, the project team and experts personally guided and mentored them.

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