Project Description

Youth Advocates for Climate Action

Through this project, ‘We’ for Change seeks to include and empower 15 youths, primarily girls, in advocating and lobbying for the implementation of climate-change adaptation strategies as part of the global ‘Girls Get Equal’ campaign. From PLAN Nepal’s 5 working districts, 3 girls were chosen: 1 girl from Girls Out Loud, 1 as a GGE leader, and 1 as a girl youth reporter and they participated in 5 days residential Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop in Kathmandu. 


The main objective of this workshop was to prepare 15 girls as youth advocates for climate action starting from their local level. This workshop was aimed to literate participants on the climate change, its impacts, and local, national and global interventions in its adaptation and mitigation along with empowering them with the advocacy and lobbying skills so that they can contribute in climate change adaptation and mitigation. The session was facilitated by different experts and facilitators. Most of the trainees remarked that this workshop was valuable to them. They believed that it was an eye-opening workshop, not just because it helped them understand different perspectives, but also because it made them revaluate how they too were contributing to climate change and how they could help mitigate it through simple steps as well as through advocacy and lobby.

At present, the girls have returned to their district and leading a two-day workshop for 30 young people in their own locality to encourage youth involvement in environmental advocacy. The workshop also includes an activity section in which representatives from the municipality will hold dialogues with the youths about environmental conservation strategies and approaches.

A two-minute short animation video about why climate change adaptation is important will be created and disseminated via social media to encourage grassroots advocacy.