Youth-led Action Against AIDS

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What is Youth-led Action Against AIDS?

Youth-led Action Against AIDS is a youth focused social media campaign which is initiated to aware young people of Nepal about the prevention measures of HIV/AIDS. Under this campaign many social media contents related to educate and aware about prevention measures of AIDS were prepared and disseminated through social media pages.

Production of Lajaauchau Bhana Kina Timi?

We created and produced a music video regarding having normal perception of condom among the young people. The complete music video was titled ‘Lajaauchhau Bhana Kina Timi?’ prominently featured on the YouTube channel of We for Change. The music video resonated particularly well with young people. The engaging choreography, compelling message, and vibrant visuals struck a chord with the youth demographic. Consequently, the engagement metrics across social media platforms, especially among young viewers, were exceptionally high. Viewers, young and old alike, expressed their admiration for the video's creative approach in delivering a vital message about safe sex practices. Surprisingly, the video transcended generational boundaries, earning admiration from older audiences as well. Its ability to connect with a diverse range of viewers underscored the effectiveness of the video in conveying the importance of safe sex practices.

Will it Blend?

Under this activity, we produced a reaction video in different popular places of Kathmandu valley. Random people were asked about the prevention measures and how much knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS in people especially young ones. The video was uploaded on the social media pages of ‘We’ for Change and was liked by many young people.

Conduction of Panel Discussion

On February 13, 2023, International Condom Day, a virtual panel discussion on "Roles of Youths to Decrease the Stigma Against HIV/AIDS" was held. Dr. Prakash Shakya (Senior Technical Advisor, Save the Children), Khagendra Khadka (President, NAP+N), Aditya Rai (Program Officer, Blue Diamond Society), and Gyana Khadka (Member, CCM) were the panelists for the panel discussion. The panel discussion included the ground realities, technical challenges, viewpoints of the LGBTQI+ community, and perceptions of HIV and AIDS in rural regions, which was very beneficial for the participants.

Make-A-Wish Video

8 videos were shot which focused on different issues related to HIV/AIDS. In the video, the volunteers spoke about the positive changes in various subject matters related to HIV/AIDS.

Informative resources

As a component of the campaign's endeavours, we created and disseminated a diverse selection of informative materials to increase awareness and educate young people about HIV/AIDS.

The campaign featured a weekly quiz game on Facebook and Instagram page of ‘We’ for Change. The questions included basic information about the virus, such as transmission methods, symptoms, and prevention measures

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