Participation Strategy


Youth Spaces for Leadership and Livelihood

Youth spaces for leadership and livelihood intends to empower young people of Nepal through Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) and Livelihood Support Program (LSP). LDI is platform for youth to build leadership through training, workshops and mentor ship program whereas, LSP seeks to enhance livelihood of youth through enterprise development education and seed funding. The program emphasizes on creating leaders for today and a better tomorrow.

  • Leadership Development Initiative (LDI)
  • Livelihood Support Program (LSP)

Active Lifestyle and Wellbeing

Active lifestyle and well-being aims to aware young people to adapt physical, mental and spiritual way of life. It focuses on sensitizing youth on SRHR, HIV & AIDS and WASH issues through peer education, sports, yoga, meditation, music and dance.

  • Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and HIV & AIDS
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • Mental and Spiritual well-being

Environment Sustainability

Environment Sustainability focuses on raising consciousness and developing responsibility among youth towards environmental conservation and waste management. It aims to combat climate change for environment conservation. Similarly, it also involves young people of Kathmandu to ‘Cash the Trash’ towards management of degradable and non-degradable waste. ‘We’ believe in youth’s ability for environment sustainability.

  • Control Climate Change
  • Cash the Trash

Disaster Preparedness to Community Reintegration

Disaster preparedness to community reintegration is a holistic package of developing community resilience pre and post disaster. Through local youth sensitization, it provides psycho social support to the disaster survivors. Likewise, it also emphasizes on child protection in emergency.

Youth Civic Engagement for Peace Building

Youth civic engagement for peace building engages young people in democratic practices. It aims to generate active citizenship by delivering civic values and politically sound information. Youth peace builders aim to play an active role in contributing sustainable peace through youth sensitization and community participation.

  • Active Citizenship
  • Youth Peace builders