February, the month of valentine. Valentine day, the day when every couple meet and spend nice time with each other, share gifts. The seven days valentine week starting from rose day to Valentine day is the special week in February for all the lovers in the world. We have tons of amazing activities planned all month long. It’s that time of year again. Bright red and pink boxes of chocolate line store aisles. Flower sales booms. Across the country, people gear up for Valentine day, celebrating love in all its forms. This valentines is the first valentine with my new love so, this month is so special to me as for others.
But this western culture has brought many problems with love. For many teens and young adults, “love” can be dangerous. The common problem that arise on this month is teen dating violence. "Teen Dating Violence (also known as relationship abuse, dating abuse, domestic violence, domestic abuse, etc.) is any form of abuse that occurs in a dating/romantic relationship involving a teenager.”
Sharing my own personal experience , my last Valentine with my old love, was a nightmare to me. I was so excited about the Valentine day few years ago like this Valentine. On that day, I was ready to go with red roses to his house. I was so happy and excited as I was called to meet him at his home on that day. I went there. I saw the room was decorated so beautifully like a dating spot. I felt good. Then he gently kissed on my chick, that I felt nice but later he tried to touch me and abuse sexually without my permission. Then, I ran out from there. On that day I became the victim of teendating violence. So, it was like a nightmare to me.
But on this Valentine, I spent the day with my new love. He didn’t do any such kind of thing that I didn’t like and impressed me by his gifts and surprises. So, everyone should choose the right partner in their life to be safe from these kinds of violence.. One of the partner may touch, kiss and do other physical abuses and harassment which may not be liked by the other partner in the name of Valentines which is teen dating violence. Similarly, one of the partner may ask for gifts to another partner which may not be affordable to him/her . This is also one kind of violence..
So, lets make the February, violence free month and make it pure love month and healthy relationship month. So, this is my view on the love month, February, what about yours? Please share your feelings.