Who are we?

youthinkgreen Nepal is a youth led, non-profit organization having its central office in Berlin, Germany. One chapter is in Nepal namely in the ‘We’ for Change office Buddhanagar, Kathmandu.

Getting started…

Two members – Monika and Nishchhal – of ‘We’ for Change participated in the ‘1st World Youth Sustainability Summit‘ in Berlin, Germany from May 10th-20th 2013 through the Open Competition. During this Summit Monika and Nishchhal learnt and experienced many things about the issues of environment, social justice and climate change and they adopted the idea of ‘thinking globally – acting locally’.

“The summit gave me recognition in the young people in Nepal. My engagement as a winner of the open competition of youthinkgreen was recognised by other young people back in Nepal. I became a climate ambassador for my country where I can implement the knowledge I was taught back in Germany. This summit helped me being dynamic in many aspects. The 1st World Youth Sustainability summit helped me to interact with youth and other experts from all around the world with varied knowledge and experience, which helped me to understand the sustainable development and cultural intricacies. In simple words, it proved to be an epitome of knowledge for me. The summit has made me much stronger in making decisions for my office as well as working in the projects. This summit has changed the perspective of my life. I really felt this is a great platform to grow in professional as well as personal ways.” (Monika)

We shared the acquired knowledge back home with ‘We’ for Change Nepal’s other members.
“The learning and experiences that I received from this summit was incomparable. The summit most importantly made me eager to learn and act more. The knowledge I received in Berlin is being brought to action here in Nepal, through my organization. I have always believed in ‘ACTION’ more than ‘WORDS’, thus, I assure youthinkgreen that the promise I have made during my last day at the summit will be successful. I have been working and will be working hard to promote sustainability.” (Nishchhal)

As ‘We’ for Change has had its own strategic plan of Environmental Sustainability, the team came up with ideas of implementing that strategic plan through the youthinkgreen Nepal Chapter. Since then, youthinkgreen Nepal is working for achieving this mission of the organization, which is, promoting education for sustainability and environmental challenges together with young people from all over the world.